Watch This Clip From The Bruce Willis-Starring Sexbot Thriller Vice

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Put Bruce Willis in anything even remotely action-oriented and I’m there. You want to add a sci-fi edge to said movie? Even better. And that’s exactly what we’re getting, plus a healthy dose of debauchery, with the upcoming thriller Vice. We’ve seen a trailer, and a photo with shaggy-haired Thomas Jane, who also stars, but as the January 16 release date approaches, now we have this new clip for you to peruse.

Willis plays Julian Michaels, some kind of slick scientist/businessman type who has created the ultimate resort, a place called Vice. At least that’s what he shows on the surface, you can tell there’s some shady shit going on. Anything goes in Vice, as the wealthy clientele is free to indulge their wildest, most base desires and fantasies with robots that look, think, and feel like humans. In this way it sounds very similar to the upcoming HBO series Westworld, among others.

As you probably imagined, one of these artificials (Ambyr Childers) becomes self-aware—she remembers the horrible things people do to her that are supposed to be erased from her memory every night—decides she doesn’t like her line of work, and takes off. As Julian’s forces track her down, Roy, a cop (Jane), tries to keep her safe, shut down Vice, and stop all this madness. In this clip, you also get to see Jonathan Schaech of Road House 2 fame (yes, there’s a Road House 2).

Director Brian A. Miller has an extensive resume of direct-to-video actioners that fall in a similar aesthetic vein as Vice. We’re talking about movies that have big name actors, but you’ve never heard of them, like House of the Rising Sun with Dave Bautista, or The Prince also with Willis, John Cusack, Jason Patric, and 50 Cent.

viceWhile I definitely have a penchant for this sort of film—a throwback to the kind of mid-tier, R-rated action films that had their heyday in the 1980s—I don’t know how great Vice is going to be. It’s a pretty standard set up, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good. Still, you can’t quite shake the feeling that Willis is phoning it in a bit here, doing that quiet, intense talking thing that he does.

Hopefully it’s just the clip from Coming Soon that is uninspired, because this trailer looks just bonkers enough to be lots of fun, not to mention that it’s full of running, jumping, kicking, shooting, and all manner of potentially rad movie action.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that Vice is going to be a blast. The possibility is definitely there, and fortunately we only have to wait a little bit to find out, as it drops on January 16.


  1. sounder says:

    Never liked the audio in these kind of movies. If the actor talks with a low voice or loud voice the volume levels are all the same.