Most wanted Back to the Future merchandise

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back to the future merchandise - featured
It is Back to the Future mania once again as we celebrate its anniversary. Since we are almost at the holiday period, let’s take a look at some of the coolest and most wanted Back to the Future merchandise that any fans will want to get their hands on.


Marty McFly Vest Tee

back to the future merchandise - tees

The Marty McFly vest is a classic set up that most of us will remember. If you want to have the same look without layering all these clothes, this cool tee is the answer. It has a front print design that looks exactly like the classic Marty McFly best so any fans will recognize it immediately. For guys only.


Nike Back to the Future Sneakers

back to the future merchandise - nike sneakers
Nike has released a new product called the Nike Air Mags with power lacing that will be in stores in 2016. According to Nike, it is has a new adaptive systems that can change the shoe to provide a better wearing experience for the user. How good is this system is anybody’s guess but Micheal J. Fox will be wearing one of these to attend the Jimmy Kimmel Live show so watch out for it then.


Back to the Future Action Figure

back to the future merchandise - action figure
I remember playing with these as I was growing up. I think many fans will have similar fond feelings for these kind of action toys figures as well. Rather than playing with them, they are now being used as displays so they are still worth buying, even for adults 🙂


Back to the Future Car

back to the future merchandise - toy car
Another memorable thing about Back to the Future is the car. Now, owning the real thing is impossible but a toy car? No problem! This cool toy replica can actually transform into flight mode like the real movie. Now, if it only can fly like a real droid then it would be a real winner. But then, its price wouldn’t be just USD50.


Back to the Future Mouse Pad

back to the future merchandise - mouse pad
Mouse pads are always useful gifts and this Back to the Future mouse pad uses the classic poster design that every fan loves. It costs less than USD10 and will be perfect for those on a budget. The only bad news is that this thing is selling out and you better grab before it runs out!



I love the Back to the Future when it first came out. I am sure many of my peers do as well so buying any of these merchandise as birthday or Christmas gifts will be perfect for 2015.


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