The Walking Dead: Watch Carol Get Grim In This Clip For Next Week’s Episode

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After the biggest stumble they’ve had in some time with “Slabtown,” The Walking Dead righted the ship with last night’s “Self Help,” which showcases some characters that have been woefully underutilized until now—Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Rosita (Christian Serratos), and Eugene (Josh McDermitt). Now we’ve got our first look at the next installment, “Consumed,” as well as some behind the scenes looks at “Self Help.”

“Slabtown” caught us up with Beth (Emily Kinney), who had been missing in action since season 4, and it looks like “Consumed” is going to show Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) and their efforts to track her down. Out for an evening stroll a couple episodes back, they saw a car with a white cross painted in the window, like the one that took Beth, and gave chase.

This video is the first scene of the episode, and sets up what they’re doing, as well as showing just how grim Carol has become recently. Daryl just wants to follow the car and see where it goes and move on from there, but she’s ready to run it off the damn road and do what’s necessary to get answers. Out of everyone on the show, her transition from meek doormat to grizzled badass has been the most drastic change, and by all appearances, that’s going to continue.

If you haven’t watched “Self Help” yet, stop reading. Beyond here is pretty much all spoilers.

First up is a standard making of feature for the episode. It digs into the action and the set up, which largely revolves around Abraham’s backstory. You learn exactly why he is so driven and hard headed, and why he can’t let himself stop or even slow down for a moment. It also gets into the big reveal of the episode, which, if you’ve read the comics you know, but is still delivered with a great deal of emotional heft behind it.

Thus far, the walkers have been pushed into the background in season 5 of The Walking Dead. They’re still around, and the threat is omnipresent, but they’re not as much of a focus as they have been. That said, what zombie action that has gone down has been fun and inventive. There was that scene in the flooded basement a while back, and “Self Help” has a good time with a water cannon and some rotting corpses that is as gross as it is entertaining. This video shows you how they went about filming that scene.

And then there’s the big reveal. Seriously, don’t watch the clip of the last scene if you haven’t watched the whole episode. Not only does it have a huge impact on Abraham, pulling the rug out from under him so to speak, but it’s going to have huge ramifications for the continuing direction of the season if not the entire series.


  1. cynic44 says:

    I like Slabtown, it was neat to see a pocket of pseudo-“normalcy” and know that Beth will bring it all down one way or another. The short shrift Terminus and the hunters were treated it was worse. That mini-arc should have pulled at least two more episodes.

    • Brent McKnight says:

      My biggest problem with “Slabtown” was similar to with Terminus, they were just shortchanged. There was too much going on as they’re trying to essentially introduce an entire new setting, group, and storyline, and one episode wasn’t nearly enough. Everything just felt super rushed to me so it didn’t carry enough weight. At least for me. It wasn’t a bad episode, but for me anyway, it was the weakest they’ve had in a while (though I still like it better than almost all of season two and three).

      I do like that the show is doing its best to show a wider picture of the post apocalyptic world. We’ve seen how the core group does it, now we’re learning about other people and their stories, which is a refreshing change.