A Walking Dead Crossover May Happen Before The Spinoff Even Hits The Air

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the walking deadThe Walking Dead is always a hot topic, but as AMC’s hit zombie series is on its annual midseason hiatus, there’s been a lot of news about the upcoming spinoff, maybe titled Cobalt, but more recently being referred to as Fear the Walking Dead (its unclear, however, if this is the series name or the title of the pilot episode). This latest story involves both of these shows and how they may crossover, even before the companion series hits the airwaves.

There may be some spoilers beyond this point. Just a head’s up.

Due to the massive popularity of The Walking Dead, it’s almost a given that the new show will get a series order. They’ll have to shit the bed in a royal way to miss out on that one. But according to the Nerdist and their sources (and BMOC Chris Hardwick does host The Talking Dead, AMC’s weekly follow up talk show about the undead drama, so they probably have decent sources in this arena) say that even before that happens, one character from the new series will get a six episode arc in season 6 of The Walking Dead.

Here’s the full Nerdist report:

What we know thus far about Cobalt, or whatever it winds up being called, is that it is set in Los Angeles, closer to the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, during the time when Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is still in a coma. This will give fans a way to see how the world got to the point it is in the flagship series and show everything going to hell.

Creator Robert Kirkman, who also writes, executive produces, and is behind the comic books that kicked all of this off, has said that the action follows a different kind of family than The Walking Dead. Most of us presume that he’s referring to the loose unit of teacher Sean Cabrera (Cliff Curtis), guidance counselor Nancy Tompkins (Kim Dickens), and her two teenage kids—drugged out fuck up Nick (Frank Dillane) and ambitious Ashley (Alycia Debnam Carey). According to some leaked script pages they could bear different names, but for right now this will work.

That’s really about all we know at this point, and while we expected some crossover, most of us expected familiar faces from the main show to pop up on the spinoff, not necessarily the other way around. But they can use this to their advantage. If this happens before the spinoff airs—there’s still no set date for that—it will serve to introduce the characters to audiences and drum up advance interest.

While it will initially remove some tension—we’ll know that at least this one person won’t die on the companion series—it can be used to create more in other ways. If the character shows up and is all kinds of fucked up, we’ll get to wonder how he or she got that way and what they’ve been through, and if it’s just one of them, what happened to the other is something we’ll want to find out. This approach does seem to limit the narrative somewhat, but there are ways to work around. For instance, perhaps somewhere on the timeline this character leaves Los Angeles and the others stay there. Who is to say?

More than anything this brings up far more questions that it answers, but if nothing else, it’s piqued our interest.


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