A Visual Representation Of Star Wars Fan Enthusiasm Over The Years

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Over the years, being a Star Wars fan has been a bumpy ride. For those of us who have never lived in a world without Lucas’ epic space opera, or who barely have memories of a pre-force existence, it has been more of an emotional roller coaster. For every thrilling high, there has been a dismal, sickening low. As excited as most of us are about the impending seventh, eights, and ninth episodes, at this stage of the game, we’re approaching them with a cautious, guarded optimism at best.

This fun new infographic from Dorkly takes all of the highs and lows from the past thirty-plus years, and displays them all in a visual form. It is hilarious, and just so happens to be pretty on the nose.

During the early years fans were riding high. A New Hope was worldview-changing, and the excitement of witnessing the birth of a brand new franchise was palpable. Even the missteps were relatively minor, and there was Empire, which makes up for just about anything else.

The decade of the 80s was something of a holding pattern. Return of the Jedi was strong, not Empire strong, and feelings vary depending on your Ewok stance. But again, overall this was the golden age to be a Star Wars fan. There were toys, trading cards, specials, good parodies, lots of stuff to cling to.

Then George Lucas got bored and started tinkering. That’s never a good sign. Really, you’re going to have Greedo shooting first now? So you’re going to indelibly change the nature of Han Solo, one of your leads, one of the most iconic characters in modern movie history? Yeah, fuck you, too, George Lucas.

And then there was the delirious excitement generated by the announcements of the prequels, followed by the crushing disillusionment caused by actually watching The Phantom Menace, where we sank into a deep, dark depression…

…a depression that Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith did nothing to alleviate, and excessive, unnecessary parodies only aggravated.

Which brings us to today. As much as we want new Star Wars movies (good Star Wars movies), we’ve all been hurt too many times to truly open up and accept the gift that Disney and friends wants to give us. We’ve tempered our enthusiasm to protect ourselves from fresh wounds.


  1. I cant believe Phantom of Menace and the other 2 were not that big……they were great prequels.

    • Jack says:

      The term “great” does not apply. It is a word our current society applies to anything previously labeled good. Considering the available money Lucas had to make the films with, & the instant ticket sales he could count on for profit, his final prequel products are awful!!!!!

  2. Brian H says:

    HTF do you call the CGI Clone Wars better than Attack of the Clones or Revenge of the Sith?? How do you call the Special Editions a lower moment than Episode I or the CGI FREAKIN CLONE WARS??? No. Just no. Episodes II and III have nothing on the original trilogy but they were decent and enjoyable. For the annoying Greedo shooting first and over use of CGI creatures the Special Editions were at the end of the day a great chance to see the films on the big screen (especially for those of us that were born post 1983) and at the time it was wonderful and magic. Sorry, but this infographic sucks and reads like it was just ripped off of Kevin Smith or Seth MacFarlene’s blog as it is so stereotypical of whiny bitch that calls himself a Star Wars fan (not that I’m one of those…) 😉

    • Jack says:

      Nah, actually the graphic is pretty spot on. If you were born after 1983 then your experience does not apply to what the rest of us felt. You may create your own timeline graphic if you wish.

      The biggest flaws in the graphic are:
      – 90% of all Star Wars fans had no clue the Thrawn trilogy even existed,& still 20yrs later most have never read it.
      – Vader means father in Dutch, so Mr.Unbrilliant didn’t shock the entire world with his surprise. (even then we got a hint of his horrible clever streak)
      – The CGI cartoon is only enjoyable for finally being a Star Wars cartoon. The cartoon is literally 30yrs late & focused on a butchered concept.
      – Missing is the celebration by every true fan the moment they heard Lucas sold Star Wars.

      As for the Special Editions…you are 100% wrong. Ruining the story that put you in the seat just so you can see the ruined story really big is completely retarded.The only reason that moment is not the worst, is cuz we can still refuse to watch it & keep the original version.