Vice Trailer: Watch A Long-Haired Thomas Jane And A Sexy Android Hurt People

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What do you get when you mix guns, sadism, artificially intelligent robots, and Thomas Jane rocking a completely outlandish head of hair? You get the trailer for Vice, a new thriller that’s invested in your worst sins. Check out this over the top quasi-awesomeness below.

Here’s the premise: Bruce Willis is some kind of an insanely wealthy businessman who opens up a new resort where people can live out their every fantasy, assuming their fantasies only involve fucking and then beating up A.I. androids that are so close to being human it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. It’s hard out there for a robot pimp, though, as Jane’s plainclothes detective, who thinks that this resort is a sick perversion, antagonizes Willis.

It isn’t until a particularly dastardly bastard comes into things that Willis’ establishment gets put under a magnifying glass. (One attached to the end of a gun, I’m sure.) You see, all of the bots’ memory banks are deleted and rebooted every 24 hours, which means having a prolonged memory is impossible. But there’s one droid, a female named Kelly (Ambyr Childers), who remembers all of the horrific things that have been done to her. Instead of whatever the “normal” solution would be in a case like this, Kelly gets upgraded with new badass software that turns her into an amazingly acrobatic fighter. Didn’t we just see that happen in The Machine, and probably a ton of other movies and TV shows?

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I cannot wait to see Vice. It looks like a big old brain-lite action extravaganza, with sex and violence sprinkled in heavily for good measure. And I need not convince anyone that watching Thomas Jane swish his sweaty hair around for 90 minutes is going to be a treat. But I do wish that this was a little more sci-fi and a little less beat-em-up. An image like the one below might make you think you’re in for something slightly surreal…

viceBut then everything else is mostly just strangulation and gunplay. It’s not a deal breaker, but still. I guess I can just wait for HBO’s Westworld adaptation to get some pathos within the world of electro-slaves.

Vice is the latest film from director Brian A. Miller, who recently worked with Willis on the 2014 actioner The Prince. It also reteams the director with The Prince screenwriters Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore, who are also writing up the San Andreas tentpole with Dwayne Johnson. Experience this micro Sin City when Vice hits theaters on January 16, 2015.


  1. sounder says:

    I believe we just seen the best parts of the movie.

  2. JaNath says:

    If Bruce Willis could look more bored he’d be asleep. It’s pretty obvious that the sublime “Looper” was merely a lucky mistake. Can’t he get some Prozac in him and start enjoying making his millions again?

  3. JaNath says:

    Oh, and this looks shit. Save your money, subscribe to HBO and look forward to “Westworld”. Oh yes.