Van Damme Will Fight Off An Alien Invasion

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With as much success as he had with Timecop you’d think Jean-Claude Van Damme would have found a way to do more science fiction over the years. On the other hand, it’s not like he’s has much success at doing anything in quite a long while. He’s been in movies, but odds are you’ve never heard of them, let alone seen them. That makes him a perfect fit for an alien invasion movie, I suppose, since Hollywood has been churning out a lot of those which no one seems to want to see either.

More on the subject of why Hollywood’s recent crop of alien invasion movies just isn’t working, in an upcoming editorial. For now the subject at hand is Van Damme whom the BBC says is shooting a UFO attack movie in Derby.

The film sounds like an under the radar, low-budget affair in which JCVD will kick-ass as some sort of military advisor. Actually, that role doesn’t sound very ass-kicking at all. Neither does the movie, described as Independence Day meets Monsters meets Signs. In fact, I’m not sure why GFR is reporting this at all.

My pledge to you: fewer stories like this in the future.

Jean-Claude, give us a call when you’re killing aliens in a way that might realistically get your face in theaters.


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