This New Tron: Uprising Trailer Is A Killer App, Narrated By Bruce Boxleitner

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Disney’s soon to unveil their next adventure in the Tron universe. It’s an animated series instead of a movie, and that might seem disappointing to anyone hoping for Tron 3, but after you watch the show’s new trailer I think you’ll be a lot less disappointed.

The series, called Tron: Uprising, tells the story of what happened in the system after the events of Tron: Legacy. With Tron believed dead, a young program tries to spark a revolution by impersonating the hero, leading the fight against the rise of Clu 2. Watch…

Tron probably won’t actually show up in the series but the man who plays him, Bruce Boxleitner, does a brilliant job narrating this trailer. Boxleitner’s narration combined with the music (original music by one of the composers of Tron: Legacy) and kind of excellent animated visuals makes it impossible to not get at least a little excited about what Tron: Uprising has to offer, even if it is on the kid-focused Disney channel. I’m in.

Tron returns from the dead June 7th, on Disney XD.


  1. The animation tooooootally reminds me of Aeon Flux.

    • JT says:

      Hadn’t thought of that, but I can totally see it now that you mention it. Awesome.