New Trailer For Da Vinci’s Demons Dazzles With Sex And Magic

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If there’s anything immediately obvious when looking at cable series in this millennium, it’s that almost every company loves throwing big budgets at shows based — however loosely — on actual history. You can sample everything from the bloody, brutal vision of Spartacus, to the religious intrigues of The Borgias, to the Machiavellian ruthlessness of Boardwalk Empire. But it’s the rare show that straight-up reimagines damned near everything that happens, as appears to be the case with the upcoming Starz historical fantasy drama, Da Vinci’s Demons.

The English-speaking artist, inventor, and engineer Da Vinci, played by British actor Tom Riley, is performing all manners of mystical and acrobatic moves throughout the show’s recently released trailer, which divulges much more information than past teasers, but still isn’t nearly as blatantly clear as the written description on the Starz website. To paraphrase their words, Da Vinci is a 25-year-old heretic with superhuman genius, bent on taking down any power, religious or otherwise, that threatens to keep the truth from the population. One might think a Sherlock Holmes without a weapon, at least until you see all the sex and fighting. And though it has nothing to do with Dan Brown’s imagination, there is still a secret religious cult involved called the Mithras. Watch the trailer below.

I’m more wooed than disappointed by it, and Tom Riley looks like he could bring a quirky personality to the guy who would eventually give us The Last Supper and The Vitruvian Man. And I’m looking forward to all the futuristic steampunk “technology” that will be used.

Starz, though its original shows aren’t as numerous as other networks, puts quality of genre on top of everything else, so I have no reason to believe it won’t be great. My only concern is David S. Goyer’s writing credits all over it. Goyer is “Hit or Miss” personified, with nearly every single one of his projects alternating between great and awful. Dark City, Blade, and Christopher Nolan’s Batman films are all in his “hit” column, while Jumper, The Unborn, and FlashForward were definite misses meant to be forgotten.

The initial eight-episode season of Da Vinci’s Demons premieres on April 12, 2013. Will you be watching?


  1. doktor vok says:

    This is the not gay da Vinci is it?