Maybe Torchwood Isn’t Dead

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Things haven’t looked good for Tochwood since Miracle Day debuted on the Starz channel last year… and then rapidly turned into a ratings flop. Even a lot of serious fans jumped ship, labeling the new series as a major step down in quality from previous Torchwood incarnations. Because of Miracle Day’s problems no one has been willing to commit to doing more of the Doctor Who spinoff, but here’s some good news: It’s not entirely dead.

Despite the low ratings Starz now seems open to doing more of it. In fact it sounds like the holdup isn’t the network, but series creator Russell T. Davies. Starz CEO Chris Albrecht recently revealed, “You know, Russell [T Davies] is so busy, Obviously, we’re in touch with the BBC all the time. They are our partners on [new shows] DaVinci’s Demons and Harem. We told them, we stand by ready for any news, but I think it would be a while before Russell came back to Torchwood.”

So they’ll do it, as soon as Russell T. Davies gets around to it? Or is this the Starz channel’s way of saying they’re only interested if Russell is more involved? Davies wrote the first and last episode of Miracle Day but for the other episodes he turned things largely over to veteran writer Jane Espenson, and to be blunt about it, she botched it.

We know Davies can make good Torchwood episodes, he did it for two seasons on the BBC. Maybe getting him to really focus in on the adventures of Captain Jack Harkness again is the way to put the Torchwood universe back together.


  1. Chris Paris says:

    The Americanization of Torchwood was NOT a good thing. I’m still trying to get over a Black guy named “Rex.” Hell, I’m still trying to get over ANY guy named “Rex”.

    •  I’m American and think that Miracle Day was horrible. Much better stories came out of Cardiff than any of the locations used in the US. The best parts of MD were the scenes filmed in Wales.

  2. Redherring03 says:

    The first two of Torchwood series got it right; it was a darker and more adult version of Dr Who. It relied on suspense, shock and disbelief like the best thrillers. No big bangs, no big Hollywood ott rubbish. Quit the feature length single theme Children of Earth and Miracle Day and get back to a normal format like the first two!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Well, there comes a point where it’s time to stop reanimating a rotting corpse, and just go buy a new dog.

  4. Ted Sherouse says:

    One reason Torchwood was a flop on Starz is that most people can’t afford Starz.  This gave the show a low amount of viewers compared to BBC America where it should have been on.  The Majority of people get SyFy and it would have done well on Syfy.  Who was the idiot that decided to put Torchwood on Starz.  The people involved in putting Torchwood should be confronted by Daleks and be EXTERMINATED.  According to Marvin Martian “Pathetic Earthlings.”

  5. Heroanon says:

    i was so stoked when i first saw this was out, but when i finally started watching it i hated it so much. i love torchwood but i’m sorry. a awesome British show being changed into a american show is just wrong. the comedy cultures are too different. and the makeup was soooo bad. it looked like the first season in any tv show. i actually skipped 3 episodes just to get to the end. i couldn’t stand watching anymore.

  6. GBM says:

    Well, I for one would love to see a new season. On STARZ, on BBC, or in a movie format. But only if Russ Davies is fully involved. Turning over the writing of a show that relies on amazing dialogue and extreme plot twists is not a good idea. But in todays market its hard to keep a good show going for long (too many people with ADD). I hope we get some closure, especially since R. D. wrote the last episode of miracle day and left it with that BS cliff hanging crap at the end.

  7. 456 says:

    Jane Espenson has ruined every project where she has had significant creative control. Her claim to fame is writing snarky teenage dialogue on Buffy, which she is actually good at. But she is awful at things like logic and coherent plots, seemingly thinking that snappy dialogue is enough to carry a story. This makes her a horrible candidate for any job higher than staff writer. Why would RTD hire her after the disaster that was Caprica (or the later portions of BSG)?

    Miracle Day completely destroyed Torchwood for me. I really wish people would stop giving Espenson work.

  8. bbcloveingit says:

    Okay torchwood got pretty intense for miracle day but they can pull it together they always do ……..but I think rex needs to leave Jack is one of a kind there can’t be two mabey they should make it so rex is not immortal it’s just temporary