Tetris: The Movie Trailer Proves You Can Turn Anything Into An Extinction Level Event

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This summer movie theaters are playing host to Battleship, a movie based on a board game which had nothing to do with science fiction, but which was for some bizarre reason turned into an alien invasion story when it showed up in theaters. If you’re going to turn Battleship into a terrible sci-fi story then why not start doing it with everything? It’s possible, isn’t it?

This spoof trailer for Tetris: The Movie suggests that, yes, yes it is possible to turn just about anything into an extinction level event.

I’m now particularly excited for 2014 when we’ll almost certainly see the release of Checkers: The Movie. To save humanity from extinction a group of teenagers must jump over an invading army of red discs before they can make it to Washington and set themselves up as kings.


  1. Was Battleship really based on the board game according to the producers/writers, etc? That doesn’t even make any sense. Someone tell me this is just sarcasm…..

  2. Edward says:

    That is hilarious.

  3. Jake Klein says:

    I don’t see how there is anything wrong with Battleship. People complain about ‘another alien invasion’ movie. BUT we also complain about using the “Russians” in war games. Who would you expect them to fight?? I think the best answer is American Military vs. American bred terrorist. (Most acts of terrorism committed on our country are by our own citizens.)

    But no one is open mined enough for that.

    • someone says:

      > I think the best answer is American Military vs. American bred terrorist.

      Those fight in Continuum by Showcase

  4. corrosivepress says:

    That was GREAT! Also looking forward to “Donkey Kong: Retribution.”