Terra Nova Fights Its Dinosaurs With Nerf Guns

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Steven Spielberg’s new science fiction series has a huge budget. They’re spending millions of dollars to make Terra Nova look as good as possible, and while the dinosaur special effects still aren’t really up to snuff, there’s no denying that the sets look pretty lush. But even a big budget show like this one has to cut corners somewhere, and Terra Nova’s saving money on guns.

The image you’re about to see was put together by Terra Nova watchers earlier today on the social site Reddit. The photo on the left is of one of the generic soldiers in an episode of Terra Nova. The photo on the right is a toy, Nerf gun. See if you notice any similarities…

Yep. It’s the same gun. They’ve bough a bunch of Nerf guns, painted them black, and handed them out to the extras. And you know what? It kind of works. You’d never suspect that’s what those prop guns are, without the NERF gun sitting right next to them.

This sort of thing goes on all the time, particularly in television, where budgets are tighter. One of my favorite examples of this took place in the old Flash television series from the 80s. One of that show’s episodes featured a villain with a super powered glove which, was quite obviously, just an old Nintendo Power Glove with a few cans of spray paint applied to it. Koopa beware!


  1. nothing a little after effects can’t fix

  2. Damn! Got caught again… -Terra Nova Props/Special effects department

  3. This is very common practice in the movie world! KUDOS TO PROP GUY WITH THE KILLER EYE!!!