Fox Wants Fans To Tell Them How Terra Nova Should Have Ended

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I’ve long since stopped getting attached to even the most promising of genre shows when they premiere on Fox. For genre fans, Fox is like the bully that offers you the delicious candy, but then holds it just out of your reach. Sadly, whenever Fox cancels a Firefly or a Sarah Connor Chronicles or what have you, there are inevitably still some vocal fans out there that will raise a hue and cry, demanding that the show be resurrected by cable nets or Netflix or some other entity. So it was earlier this year when Fox dropped the axe on the ambitious but poorly received Terra Nova. It could easily be just another name on the hit list, but now Fox is offering fans an intriguing challenge: the chance to create their own ending for the show.

Terra Nova just hit DVD yesterday, and as part of the promotional push Fox has announced a contest that will allow fans to use graphics and editing software to cobble together their own version of the ending. The assets provided will let Terra Nova fans edit their idea into a motion comic, and Fox Home Entertainment will then pick the best versions and share them for the world to see. You could become Internet Famous!

Fox has posted an official website for the contest, but it looks like you’re going to have to purchase the DVD set in order to enter. At the moment, loading up the website directs you to a prompt asking for your “DVD code.” Very clever, Fox, very sneaky. At any rate, if you plan to pick up the DVD set and are interested in telling the world how Terra Nova should have won, you can enter right here.


  1. Richard says:

    So you can enter a competition to win a DVD of the series, but you need to buy a DVD of the series to enter..?

  2. herbalist26 says:

    I would prefer that Commander Taylor and his team win. As for the figurehead, I’m not sure on that. All I know is that I really wish there was a season 2.