Syfy’s About-Face: Nine Shows That Might Help The Network Redeem Itself

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Killjoys was originally developed for Canada’s Space network, Killjoys earned a 10-episode order from Syfy last month and is set to premiere in 2015. It was created by Lost Girl‘s Michelle Lovretta, partnered with Temple Street Prods., the producers of Orphan Black. It’s about a trio of interplanetary bounty hunters chasing down targets in the Quad, “a distant system on the brink of a bloody, multiplanetary class war.”

I’m going to be honest, the Orphan Black connection makes me a lot more interested than the Lost Girl one, and Lovretta’s previous writing credits on The CW’s Secret Circle and Mutant X don’t thrill me. But hey, Vince Gilligan wrote some less-than-awesome X-Files episodes before he created Breaking Bad, so there’s no point trying to judge somebody solely by their earlier resume entries. It’s also, along with Ascension, one of the only entries on this list that isn’t based on existing material, so it’s that much harder to know what to expect.

Syfy president David Howe described Killjoys like so:

With its explosive action, smartly-drawn characters, and fun and provocative story-lines, Killjoys has all the ingredients to make it the perfect complement to our expanding slate of quality science fiction drama series.

If it’s done well, I can see Killjoys being a show that could embrace the fun, crazy elements of Firefly or Farscape…but those are two damn lofty hurdles to surmount. It will largely come down to whether the core characters can win us over long enough to care. The words “space bounty hunters” call to mind a lot of clichés, but hopefully we’ll be getting more than just bad Boba Fett doppelgangers. Fingers crossed. – David

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  1. Dr_Bathroom_MD says:

    Looks interesting to be honest.

  2. Hypnotoad says:

    Wow… Battlestar Galactica much? Oh wait Tricia Helfer is on the show so that makes it different!

    • golmore says:

      You are an idiot. Colony ships are a very common theme in Sci-Fi and this premise is very original.

  3. Parker says:

    If Killjoys ends up being anything close to Firefly or Farscape, they can count me a faithful watcher.

  4. Ka'uilani Kim says:

    About time they get rid of all that crap. I miss the old Sci-Fi Channel.

  5. joe1254 says:

    So maybe I’ll start watching Sci-Fi channel again. Mini series thought, Dresden Files done again but this time let’s follow the books!

  6. couponnut2460 says:

    pick up revolution it was a good show hated how it ended

  7. midnightdrunkard says:

    WWE signed a new deal with NBC, sorry but Wrestling will still be there…

  8. sounder says:

    Z Nation damn another zombie show.

  9. Teeaj says:

    SyFy still lost me, that is until they bring back some of our Paranormal Shows and some descent Sci-Fi Movies. I’m so over vampires and Zombies. Not everyone thinks Paranormal Shows are Cheesy so SyFy needs to get a grip that there people out here that believe in the Paranormal and give us our shows back.

  10. Fergun Connell says:

    Syfy should have something more for 2015, I hope.

  11. Carmen Damocles says:

    Maybe it could have a few more supernatural reality shows, even for a short time.