SyFy Cancels Alphas After Two Seasons

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AlphasBad news for fans of the TV series Alphas, the SyFy channel canceled the super powered crime-solving series after two seasons of extraordinary storytelling with super low ratings. The announcement came yesterday; months after SyFy aired the season two finale in October.

The TV series first aired during the summer of 2011 to strong ratings but as the series progressed, the ratings dwindled as each new episode aired. It was on the cusp of cancelation during its first season but SyFy renewed it for a second season because of the TV series’ large and vocal fan base. The final death nail came when SyFy acquired new properties including Ron D. Moore’s Helix and the multi-platform alien centric Defiance to finally replace it.

The news of Alphas cancelation came via its stars Ryan Cartwright and Azita Ghanizada’s Twitter accounts. Both Cartwright and Ghanizada displayed their dismay for the bad news but were also gracious for the TV series. Read their tweets below.

Alphas also starred David Strathairn, Warren Christie, Lauren Mennell, and Malik Yoba. It followed a group of superhuman crime investigators in New York City who relied on their super physical and mental abilities to solve crimes and protect the civilian population from other people with super-abilities called Alphas. It was created by screenwriter Zak Penn (X2: X-Men United, The Avengers). Read The SyFy Channel’s statement about cancelling Alphas below:

“We’ve been proud to present this entertaining, high-quality series for two seasons and to work with an incredible ensemble of talented actors, producers and creatives as well as our partners at BermanBraun Television. We’d like to thank the show’s dedicated regular viewers for their tremendous support.”

Upon its release, Alphas received a mixed critical response and was compared to NBC’s Heroes but more focused. But despite its reviews, Alphas had a loyal fan base, which made it last longer than anyone expected.


  1. Yootha says:

    Leaving the loyal fans with an unresolved ending (as usual)? This system needs to change. At least wrap the stories up, otherwise people will stop committing to shows. And TV will die.

    • Rev says:

      It’s not the unresolved ending i have a problem with (I’d have prefered never to see Lost’s ending), it’s the fact it’s the best show SyFy (still hate that name) had going.

  2. flashfast2000 says:

    SyFy with never matter again with stupid moves like this.

  3. jed_hoyer says:

    why have your own series when you can pick up canadian/uk series.

  4. xekushuna says:

    Dear Syfy,
    Why? Why Evils?
    Why do you always persist with this?
    This sux arse plenty.

  5. Ewan says:

    And this is why I won’t invest time with US series until they come out as a comlete set like Battlestar Galactica.

  6. Ash1453 says:

    I’m seriously disappointed that they are cancelling this. It is a great show and has so much going for it. And what a crappy way to end it, leaving us all hanging like that. I really wish Syfy would reconsider.

  7. LightBulbIT says:

    That “Defiance” costs a WHOLE lot of money. It will probably do well at first for the curious, but if it fails, it’s gonna hurt. Alot.

  8. The Mind Magician says:

    Does this mean no one else nobody else could pick up the
    ball and run with it?

  9. smchris says:

    Honestly, _the_ show I had any emotional attachment toward. But I’m not surprised. Even though the villians were pretty super-villianny, the “team” were arguably extrapolations on exceptional human capabilities and fantasy seems to have overwhelmed hard SF for a few years now.

  10. true to form the syfy channel binned off yet another sci fi show with out an ending, why is it never ghost hunters that gets the boot they should just kick the bucket and rename the channel “AssBackward” then their decision making would make sense

  11. mupsycho says:

    good, show sucked, liked the concept but the execution was literally its execution