Who is Starlord’s dad in GOTG 2?

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Guardians of the Galaxy
There was a big rumor that went live on HeroicHollywood.com this morning claiming the the original Captain Marvel, Mar-vell, was the father of Starlord. This of course sent fans into a discussion frenzy. However, director James Gunn came out with guns blazing saying that this rumor was not true. So ended the Mar-vell rumor. Despite this episode, we still have to figure out who Starlord’s father really is and that is what I will attempt to do here.


The Non Candidates

First, let’s get all the characters that have been debunked by the Director as non candidates. Of course, this can always be a smokescreen but let’s assume Director James Gunn has more integrity than giving us false information.

Jason of Spartax: James Gunn has openly said that he will modify the story in GOTG 2 from the comics such that Jason will not be Starlord’s dad in the movie, even though he is in the comics.
Mar-vell: This morning has already confirmed that Captain Marvel will not be Starlord’s father



The original Guardians of the Galaxy movie gave us three clues on who Starlord’s dad could be. Specifically, it was mentioned by Starlord’s mum that his father is an “angel of light”. The second clue came from Starlord’s ability to hold the infinity gem without being destroyed, thus leading the Nova Corps to the conclusion that he has came from an ‘ancient race’. Finally, Yondu also mentioned that Starlord’s father is an jackass. Using these 3 clues, it is possible to speculate on who Starlord’s father may be.


#1: Starhawk

Starhawk fit into the first and second clue well. He has an aura of light around him that makes him look like angel as well as being from an ancient race. The only thing that doesn’t fit well is the jackass part. However, given that Starhawk is pretty serious, it could be that he didn’t reciprocate Yondu’s interactions and thus making him look like a jackass to Yondu.


#2: Adam Warlock

adam warlock gotg 2
Adam warlock is another hotly rumored character who can be Starlord’s dad. Although he looks like an angel of light but he is definitely human so it doesn’t fit into the ancient race clue. Marvel, of course, can easily alter Adam Warlock’s heritage such that he is not from Earth, which then will make him fit into the clue of an ancient race. Adam Warlock is as aloof as Starhawk so again that may be seen as jackass behavior by someone as talkative as Yondu.


#3: Starfox

Starfox is a member of a race called the Titans who are fairly ancient so means he meet at least one of the criteria. Now, the tough part is the angel of light. He doesn’t have any aura of light around him so makes Starfox a less likely candidate than the 2 above. However, he can be a jackass if he wants so at least Starfox fits into Yondu’s description of Starlord’s father.



Regardless of who Starlord’s dad might be, director James Gunn has already stated that this mystery is not the focus of the GOTG sequel. Instead, the film will be about relationships and how Starlord relates to his father. Despite this, it is always fun to speculate who Starlord’s dad can be.


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