Stargate Universe Fans Petition Netflix For A Revival

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SGUAs much as the post-cancellation resurrection of shows like Family Guy, Futurama, and Arrested Development have been great for fans of those shows, they’ve also had a down side. Namely, it’s given fans of every deceased show on the planet hope that their favorite series could and should rise from the dead. The preferred new home for these dead shows these days is Netflix, thanks to their strong commitment to original scripted programming and their rescue of Arrested Development. Most of the time, cancelled shows are destined to remain cancelled, but that doesn’t stop the fans from trying. Case in point: now fans are petitioning Netflix to bring back Stargate Universe. You can read and/or sign the petition right here.

SGU was shuttered in 2011, after two seasons aired on Syfy. The show took a decidedly darker approach that set it apart, tonally, from the other Stargate series, striving to follow in the footsteps of Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica reboot. Arrested Development was cancelled back in 2006, so SGU being off the air a comparatively short two years theoretically wouldn’t be an insurmountable obstacle. On the other hand, Netflix just recently shot down the prospects of a Netflix Firefly resurrection, so that probably means SGU is likewise not going to happen.

Still, I have to give the fans who put together the petition credit. They don’t just limit their argument to “OUR SHOW IS AWESOME RENEW IT DO IT NOW.” They instead make the case that SGU’s fans are likely to fall into the technologically savvy demographic that is more likely to watch things on their computers, tablets, game consoles, etc., rather than on a regular TV/cable setup, and that this group of die-hard SGU fans were thus underreported by traditional ratings measurements. It’s a valid argument, and something that we see all the time among both “geek” audiences and the younger generation who have largely never known a world where you couldn’t watch everything on your computer. The question, however, is whether that group accounts for enough people to make an SGU revival worth the financial investment, and the sad truth is…it probably doesn’t.

Still, you never know. As of this posting it has 26,334 signatures, and they’ve got a long way to go to reach their goal. You can watch Stargate Universe online via Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video.


  1. what about Stargate Atlantis should be done first???

    • Noo One Special says:

      No, it wasn’t that great by the end of it and it was running its course. Stargate Universe for me was way more interesting

    • Jef Franklin says:

      Stargate Atlantis ran its course. Though I really enjoyed it, it was completed. The writers, actors, creators, etc, all let go and so should we. SGU was abruptly cut off with a horrible cliff hanger. The staff for SGU want’s it back. So much that David Hewlett even purchased much of the set, just in case….

      • OvermindOne says:

        SGU wasnt “cut off”, it was CANCELLED due to very poor ratings and rejection by the Stargate fanbase. Stargate fans want Stargate back, but SGU was not Stargate, it was a soap opera trying to imitate NuBSG. I would campaign for a return of Stargate, but not SGU.

        • Jason Anderson says:

          SGU Has Good ratings at the end of season 1 and All season 2 has good ratings ! Stargate Universe Will Return !

  2. nicwillu says:

    Bring back SGU :/ And also bring us Stargate: Extinction now, the movie that ends SGA! I read the original story, it is awesome! Let it be made!

  3. Nancy B says:

    You forgot to put the links to the facebook pages that started this whole movement in the first place

  4. MrLoki says:

    I think the point this article misses demographic wise is the point that Netflix proved with house of cards, make a show and make it avalable worldwide ( so no downloading us tv rips when in the uk etc) makes the consumer feel valued and willing to pay for the service, It would be great to see SGU back, the story wasnt finished to the point it could end really.
    I’m gutted about the firefly thing, but am guessing thats as much Joss Whedon to be honest, he has enough clout now to swing a few doors open I believe.

  5. But you failed to take into account that the targeted demographic gives millions more in merch sales and gadgets sales etc, since their’r collectors by heart..

    Actually the marketing first done on this show was utterly crapp…. How to market a show: True Blood, Games Of Thrones… <— Serious marketing campaigns

    AND if they can pull of an agreement with MGM about global rights…. You would'nt belive how many tech savy people there is in this world… We'r in the billions, and the show was even mainly targeted for medium tech savy people(normal) originally… So argument = falls to dust, to be blunt.

  6. Joshua Hyatt says:

    I would buy a Netflix account just for this.

    I remember not getting a Netflix account because I couldn’t get Stargate at all, being in Canada. Hint hint, Netflix, hint hint.

  7. Bjarke Bruun says:

    SGU brings 2 things with it compared to other SG series – and ever evolving personality and interaction between the characters and the story through the galaxies which, like BG, makes it a lot more interesting and awesome to watch and follow.
    SGA had very stereotypical personalities that did not venture much from the original character, same goes for SG1. Though I have to say I love all 3, but SGU the most, by far actually 🙂

    • OvermindOne says:

      What does the character interaction have to do with Stargates, wormholes, exploring other cultures and locales and technology? That is the thing. SGU is a soap opera. It was not science fiction, and it was boring. It got cancelled because it was unpopular and unsuccessful. It generated the poorest ratings of any Stargate show except the ill-fated cartoon.

  8. Stevie Bhoy 66 says:

    at least make an ending to SG Universe either kill them all off, settle on a planet or get them home or to the origins of time the signal they found, my idea would be when they come out of deep sleep between the universes Destiny recharges in the nearest sun and Dr Rush realises that the sun is actually a giant wormhole linked to every universe through a distinct power output that if he can figure out the power out put of the milky way sun he can jump Destiny home, so Eliah and doctor rush work on this before destiny recharges along with the communication stones with the help of Sam & Dr Jackson on the other side

    • Davor Sisul says:

      Wow, that escalated quickly, really, I mean it’s not so unbeliavable that Destiny could have data on all of those things, but I would like to see more of the ship and its offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as to see it at 90% operational at least, no matter how long it takes. I would also like to see some kind of conflict between two factions, in which they actually lose control over Earth and Lucian Alliance takes over the Earth sector. This was the first starship ever that was this powerful. Usually, they make starships on SF shows the underdogs in most situations.

  9. Richard Dickenson says:

    We Now Have The Support Of Some Of The Stars Of SGU. Here Is A Link To The Image Of Their Tweets. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=171083846388442&set=o.130861693660162&type=1&theater

  10. Richard Dickenson says:

    We Now Have Some Of The Stars Signing Our Save Stargate Universe Petition. Here Is A Link To An Image Of Their Tweets https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=171083846388442&set=o.130861693660162&type=1&theater

  11. Bjarne Nyholm says:

    There is a bit of a difference between the relaunching of Firefly (bloody great show, one of my favorites) and SGU, namely the fact that FOX (douches) are holding on to the rights of Firefly at the nice price of 150 000 000 USD, that’s right 150 MILLION USD

  12. Nat Doggett says:

    Please please bring this show back Netflix. I signed a letter campaign and my whole family have signed the SGU Petition. It really took the Franchise in a bold new direction (although ripping BSG a bit on the way). But it did what SciFi unfortunately often forgets amongst all the flashy visuals and cool technology: A human story. The cast were believable, didn’t look like they had just got off a glamour shoot and interacted in a realistic way. Netflix would make a lot of money … however the news of a Stargate Movie Reboot recently pretty much kills this idea dead … real shame …

  13. Eugene Shnayder says:

    Yes we all want SGU back, it was one of the best sci fi shows of our time!!! We all want closure, what happens next? Did they ever reach home? SGU Season 3 plz !!

  14. Chris says:

    Bring it back! Great show!

  15. Richard Dickenson says:

    The Petition Now Has Over 45,182 supporters. Even some of the cast are with us and have signed.

  16. robo says:

    there are now 63,938 supporters… that should at least merit an option review…

  17. Jason Anderson says:

    Save Stargate Universe Petition Now has 72,713 supporters Now on 9/6/14 And Yes Stargate Universe Will Return !!

  18. Jason Anderson says:

    Stargate Universe Is coming Back Peoples just hold on !

  19. Jason Anderson says:

    Save Stargate Universe Petition now has 72,713 Supporters Now on 9/6/14 Don’t Delete my post again !