Stargate TV Writer Ponders The Future Of The Franchise

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SG1As somebody who never got into the various Stargate series while they were airing, it still boggles my mind that the 1994 film spawned such a successful TV franchise. Three series unfolding over some 15 years — that might not equal Star Trek or Star Wars levels of success, but in a TV landscape where science fiction series are usually killed swiftly, it’s no mean feat. Stargate has been in limbo since the demise of SGU in 2011, but producer Roland Emmerich recently revealed that he’s trying to resurrect the franchise as a new, rebooted trilogy. That’s good news for Stargate fans, but what about for one of the guys who helped shepherd all three TV spin-offs over the years?

Joseph Mallozzi served as executive producer and writer on Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, and Stargate: Universe. If anybody has the credentials to comment on the future of the franchise, it’s this guy. And comment he did, taking to his blog last week to share his thoughts on where Stargate could — and should — go from here.

He first addresses the concept that’s on deck: rebooting Stargate on the big screen. Mallozzi points to the success of J.J. AbramsStar Trek films as a template of potential success a rebooted Stargate could enjoy. Except…this summer has not been kind to big-budget would-be blockbusters. While there were some expensive successes these past few months, there were also a ton of costly duds: White House Down, The Lone Ranger, and RIPD, to name but a few. Mallozzi says:

…as proud as I am of everything we accomplished with the Stargate franchise, I’ll be the first to admit it doesn’t have quite the reach or support of Star Trek. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Sure, we produced three series, two direct-to-dvd features, and some 300+ episodes over 15 years but, while impressive a feat, it pales in comparison to Star Trek’s five series, twelve theatrical features, and some 700+ episodes over 46 years. As a result, Star Trek’s influence reaches far beyond its fandom – which is important given that, despite its established fan base, Star Trek: Enterprise was cancelled after four seasons. … A robust and passionate fandom doesn’t necessarily guarantee success.

He continues to point out the double-edged sword of any reboot of a property with a devoted fanbase: you have to make it an easy entry point for new viewers while simultaneously acknowledging or honoring what came before. You need the loyal fans, but for a big-screen franchise to work these days, you also need more than them. Abrams’ Trek films are a perfect example of the problem: they posit an alternate timeline that, in theory, allows new stories to be told with existing characters, all without “erasing” or devaluing the decades of pre-existing stories. But even though the new Trek movies are in a new timeline, that hasn’t quieted the hordes of pissed-off Trekkies who think Abrams is running roughshod over Gene Roddenberry’s legacy. Those folks are balanced out somewhat by new fans who only came to the franchise with the recent films, but the problem remains…just take a look at the comments of any story we publish with the words “J.J. Abrams” in it. In a nutshell: you can’t please everybody.

There’s another thing to consider, as Mallozzi points out:

Of course, one could argue that the reason this type of reboot worked for Star Trek is that, while these classic characters have long been engrained in the SF consciousness, it’s been almost twenty years since we’ve seen them onscreen in a new adventure. In the case of Stargate, well, it’s been about two years since we last saw Jack O’Neill grace the small screen. Is it perhaps too soon to expect fans will embrace someone other than Richard Dean Anderson in the role?

While Emmerich seems keen to bring Stargate back on the big screen, Mallozzi posits some other possibilities. Why not try to kickstart the franchise on TV with a mini-series or one-off movie that could, if successful, serve as a backdoor pilot to a new Stargate show? Unfortunately, these all seem unlikely given that the diminishing returns of the spin-offs have left Stargate in a similar place as Trek after the cancellation of Enterprise…except without the massive pop-culture cachet that the Trek name brings with it.

So where does that leave Stargate? Mallozzi continues:

My gut instinct tells me the studio would LOVE to follow the Star Trek model: take an established property, re-imagine it for the big screen, and makes hundreds of millions of dollars. Of course, it could be argued that that is a very best case scenario. If the studio does consider going down this route, careful consideration will present two indisputable facts: a) Stargate is not Star Trek, and b) alienating long-time fans in favor of a new audience could prove disastrous.

As much as I would love to see that Atlantis movie or SG-1 movie or even a mini-series that incorporates elements from all three Stargate shows, this is the unlikeliest of scenarios for the simple reason that the risks far outweigh any potential rewards.

No, given the history of the franchise, it would seem a new television series would be the best way to go – a fresh take on Stargate that would bring in new viewers while rewarding the long-suffering fans.

What do you think? Does Stargate need a fresh start, or should it find a way to continue building on the already established legacy? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. JMS314 says:

    Anyone thinking that a reboot of Stargate would be a good idea should watch SG-1’s episode called 200 (Season 10, Episode 6). SGU was too dark, and too slow of a story development. It was too much like the current tv writing trend like … ‘Lost” Give the audience an inch of story development to keep them around for years. Well guess what…by the time Lost ended, we didn’t give a crap what the Island was about…just end already! I felt the same with SGU. Future SG series need to not bait us with story lines that move at a snails pace.

    • Melissa Clare Roddis says:

      Agreed. The beauty of Stargate is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sure, there’s plenty of gripping action, but there’s always an element of tongue-in-cheek. I think the best science fiction franchises use this strategy extremely well (Stargate, Firefly, Farscape). The first rebooted Star Trek movie also did this, I thought (I’m thinking specifically of the scene with the giant hands) – I haven’t seen Into Darkness yet. SGU tried to emulate Battlestar Galactica and, as you say, Lost, but couldn’t really pull it off. It was trying to be gritty without anything solid to back it up, and in the end didn’t feel like Stargate at all.

    • Jeremy Higgens says:

      Verily the peanut gallery sprinkles yellow drops of wisdom upon the masses.

      Lost was more popular on it’s worst ratings day then SG-1 or SGA were combined on it’s best days. Which pretty much shows what you know.

      A lot of people liked SGU. It’s a shame that when you put an intelligent show on the air, many of the viewers don’t seem to have the grey matter to rise to the occasion.

  2. Christopher Tkachuk says:

    Give me more SGU, I don’t care what anyone says. That series had great storylines and plot development, as slow as they were, but there was always something moving along. The mystery of the ship and its mission, the dangers of a decrepit ship needing repairs, it was fascinating.

  3. Bean says:

    It’s really difficult to say what they should do, if anything. I loved SG-1, saw some of those before I knew there was a movie. Then I watched the movie and loved that too. Then back to SG-1 and got myself a little crush on Amanda Tapping and then Atlantis gave me a new universe in the same universe that celebrated a few supporting characters in Rodney McKay getting that job he always wanted and being lovably frustratingly arrogant and insecure. And then it seemed quiet. And that was ok.

    And then SGU takes up the mantle and I was quite excited. The ship looked absolutely beautiful and I was thinking, “Damn, the Ancients made some sweet stuff.” But then the story seemed to repeat the exact same thing over and over, Young and Rush were fairly compelling at first but that got tiring and everyone else kind of felt like glorified extras (which I can look past because I could see potential for the stories they could have) with way too much drama. I didn’t always enjoy the episodes because of the excessive drama. I wanted them to start harnessing the ancient tech sooner and I really wanted the direction of the show to stop being “we’re all just along for the ride and always on the brink of extinction” and move past that. It kept being almost amazing, but then ended up being too repetitive and defeated. No matter what they did, they couldn’t get ahead and the viewers realized early on that the crew were just never going to succeed and as a viewer, you want to see that they can exert control on their destiny. Ironically when they started to control the “Destiny” ship, the universe presented an unbeatable opponent that could follow them no matter where they went. It became obvious for those that were left still masochistically sitting in front of the TV that whatever we were hoping was going to happen never would and so what was the point of this effing show anyway?

    If they reboot, I wouldn’t mind a movie, but I don’t want it to try to be the same story as anything else exactly. Maybe you get Kurt Russell and James Spader to come back and while nodding at the tech and lore and legacy of the TV versions (with 302s and dreadnoughts flying around and stuff like that) go on a new adventure that can be contained within the movie itself. I don’t really want to see them try to drag it out into a trilogy. That doesn’t feel like what the first one was.

    I would really like them to come back to SGU and do it right. I want them to find another Destiny ship that is lying dormant on the other side of the gap and for the story telling to depart from the over-dramatic life sucking tropes and move to something a little more heroic and hopeful. That was the POINT of being on a ship called “Destiny” out searching for the answer to the Universe right?

    Sorry for the TL;DR wall-o-text but I have loved Stargate for so long, I will be more angry about a movie flop in this story universe than I would about the new Star Wars if it doesn’t meet expectations, because I have just accepted that no one can show how Star Wars should look to please everyone’s own interpretations. Stargate has so much established lore that I can’t see how you could make it awesome and ignore that, or how you could include it and make it appealing for new viewers.

    I wish them the best of luck though.

  4. Carnot Antonio Romero says:

    So strange that that little film spawned so many followups.

    Maybe a reboot that just kind of forgets the previous series happened– think “Batman Begins” vs. the earlier Batman movies. On the other hand, if you want to treat the TV series as in-continuity, you could go for a time-travel, alternate-timeline kind of move… I don’t think it’s needed, though, there isn’t the same kind of deep investment in the franchise that there was with Trek, where recasting the actors and tweaking the settings was traumatic for many people.

    • Bean says:

      while SG-1 used alternate timelines now and then, it would seem too much like they were doing a Star Trek reboot clone. Stargate’s following, while not as expansive as Trek’s, is pretty dedicated. If you do a new story, just make it new, don’t mess with the beloved characters, don’t piss on the 15 years of lore. Those are good ways to alienate your “reboot” from the people that believed in the story. Can you imagine what would happen if they did a Firefly reboot where they changed the story? the browncoats might actually go to war.

  5. Glenn Griffith says:

    “Is it perhaps too soon to expect fans will embrace someone other than Richard Dean Anderson in the role?” HELL YES, RDA IS Jack O
    Neil dont screw with that. Also, I know he didnt say he would court J.J. but that lens flare hack shouldnt be allowed anywhere near SG. The ST reboots are good action films but they are shit ST movies.

  6. Paul van den Bergen says:

    Loved SGU. Seems to be a distinct divide here with the fans.

    I’d happily watch more of that.

    I’d also enjoy a TV reboot.

    Perhaps the people of Earth finally learn about Stargate and pressure to colonise other worlds is explored…

  7. Paul van den Bergen says:

    Another possibility… Anyone been following the Veronica Mars kickstarter?

  8. Lorna Green says:

    Stargate and Stargate Atlantis were Phenomenal, i saw the Origional Film in its heyday at the Cinema and was jumping through hoops when it was made into a mini series, the Atlantis came along and only got better, have to say Stargate Universe done absolutely NOTHING for me, did not like or even enjoy it with my heart and soul the way i did with SG and SGA, and it got to the stage that i would watch re-runs of SG and SGA rather than watch SGU, harsh i know and sorry for it, but it is what it is, hope SG and SGA come back, sorely missed xx

  9. grail76 says:

    I love SG-1. Atlantis wasn’t bad and it managed to make Rodney, the “annoying character” the most memorable. Universe had some difficulty with making the characters ones we attached ourselves to, but I watched all 3.
    I don’t think a reboot is necessary. SG-1 was a story or exploration with a powerful bad guy who had to be defeated. Why, in the Stargate universe is that the only Earth based story? I can see a series based on a disgruntled Air Force officer who goes through the stargate randomly and becomes a kind of wandering free spirit on the various Stargate worlds, with perhaps a few companions. Think Pirates of the Stargate or Lost in the Stargate Universe. New characters, perhaps some occasional appearances by the old Stargate SG-1 gang.
    I could also easily see a show based on Daniel doing a walkabout through the gates.
    Don’t try to reboot. Give us something new in the universe we know. It’s not as if the actors are Shatner’s age.

    • Jeremy Wessel says:

      Until I read this post I was thinking, Stargate is done. It was pretty good, move on to something new. Don’t ruin it with a reboot. But I like this idea. Or maybe have a main character something like Aris Boch (the bounty hunter played by Sam J. Jones).

    • Bean says:

      I like your idea to do a kind of standalone story incorporating the lore, but not being bound to any one set of rules. What if it followed Daniel when he was ascended? I’d like to learn more about how that worked. Or if that can’t sustain a show, go and explore the cultures and technologies of the advanced races a little more. Like how do the Nox make stuff invisible? what about their floating city thing?

    • Maeve McGrath says:

      I agree as there are member from SG1 and SGA still around and young enough to continue. Just restart from where Atlantis returned to earth and it wouldn’t be hard to continue the story. As they explore they could be also keeping an eye out for signs of the crew from SGU.

  10. Kerra4 says:

    Agreed. Too much drama without the humor to make it human and the story will fail. Stargate on television drew fans during its first run on Showtime largely because of Richard Dean Anderson and his acting reputation. The Battlestar Galactica model destroyed Stargate Universe. I am excited as a fan to see Stargate possibly reborn and cautious as to what that might look like without those involved who truly loved it and gave it the genius spark.

  11. Cliff Hesby says:

    My understanding was that the TV Stargate was made without Emmerich and Devlin’s approval or participation and they were actually very vocal about hating it and resenting that it was done right from the very start. That would probably mean that Emmerich really doesn’t care what anyone involved with the Stargate TV universe thinks and he will probably ignore the TV canon altogether.

  12. majicm9 says:

    They’ve already pretty much written and produced Stargate Extinction. Just fuckin make that! That’s what we want!

  13. Seth Carver says:

    I feel that a reboot could be a good thing, but it would be difficult… while most would imagine replacing Richard Dean Anderson to be the biggest issue I believe it would actually be replacing Michael Shanks as Daniel. Daniel serves as the moral compass and driving force of the series. He crosses over into Atlantis and Universe, and is as badass an archeologist as Indiana Jones or River Song. His replacement would be paramount, if they got him the next step would be filling in the squad with people who have chemistry… one main reason the original crew did so well was because they all knew each other prior to entering the show, they had worked together before and in some cases were very good friends (or more since Michael Shanks was married to the woman who played his wife). With the right team the rest is full of opportunity.

    I wouldn’t want a copy of what J.J. did, but I would accept a reboot that simply makes corrections without worrying about canon from the original series… one example being language. SG-1 had a significant issue where almost every other planet spoke perfect English. They could create a very multilingual galaxy or explain some form of communicator technology either built into the stargate or discovered early in the series.

    They could also change things like the death of the Asgard, which I know at least I was upset about, though I understood. And develop more stories about the original battles without the Earth being too powerful for anyone to oppose. But if done right I think most fans would be happy, I think they could inject new life into a series that has always had great potential, and bring a new generation of fans into the fold.

    • Travas87 says:

      I say do a new series while at the same time closing the SGU story line. It kills me that the show ended the way they did. It needs finishing. And there is still plenty of story to be had with Atlantis and SG1 . I think doing a reboot like Emmerich wants to do would be horrible. Yes they would mostly likely be amazing movies but it would just crush all the SG1, SGA, and SGU have built over the years.

      • Cliff Hesby says:

        Raymond Chandler was asked what he thought about Hollywood ruining his books – he pointed at his book shelf and said ‘No they didn’t, they’re right over there.’

        In other words they CAN’T ruin those shows. They are in your DVD collection or your Netflix queue and they will still exist even if the new movies repudiate them.

        We are vast, we can contain multitudes.

  14. Samantha says:

    The LAST person to talk is Mallozzi!! He (and the other writers) screwed up Stargate for everyone. When SG1 was canned, it was 10 years in. When SGA was canned, it was 5 years in, AND they canned it for a totally unwatchable show like SGU. I told everyone I knew that SGU would follow the pattern of the last two shows and would have a half life. I was wrong aboutSGU, it didn’t even make it to 2.5 years.

  15. Steve Ausdahl says:

    When SGU first came out I watched a couple episodes, decided I didn’t like it as much as SG-1 and SGA, and stopped watching. Then when it became available for streaming I gave it another shot and by the time I reached the “last” episode I was actually pretty upset that they had cancelled it…

    Bottom line, all I know is that I want them to respect what has already been done, keep it in the same universe/timeline/reality.

  16. Tiff Evans says:

    SG-1 should always stay SG-1. No change of actors or nothing! Just do one movie… what about REVOLUTION. ThAT SOUNDED AMAZING

  17. Bill says:

    Man, rebooting SGU would be nice. A lot of us were cut off on that one. That was a brilliant franchise. All the sets should still be intact. Most of the actors should be available. I would sure like to see them come back.

    A new movie? If it didn’t slip too far from the meat of what the original movie was about. Rumor has it, the stargates were and are a very real bit of ancient equipment that still function to this day. I imagine you know about that. Most people do that are into this.

    I really thought SGU was well done. The CG, the aliens, it was brilliant. Yeah, the leather clad pirates that boarded their ship was a bit odd.

    So much that can be done with that series. Soooooo so so so much.

    • Dalek Skeet says:

      The SGU set, the ship was bought by David Hewlett (he played Rodney McKay) for his new upcoming movie Debug. He told us over a year ago he bought & has rights to the set. He owns it now. If they want to use the set, they have to ask David & he may say only if they promise to end Atlantis proper with “Extinction” …. I’m still hoping for that & David & I know some of the other SG1/SGA cast would love to come back to play their roles if the movie was picked up. (and I know that’s what they said as I have met a select few of them in person :)) I am yet to watch SGU, I LOVED SG1, but ATLANTIS will always have my heart 🙂

  18. Mars says:

    An Atlantis movie? That was wrapped up well enough.

    SGU had me so wrapped up, wound up and in love with its overall tone and theme, I am so annoyed it didnt see a good ending. I am dying for that.

    • Mars says:

      Why not do a SG-10, do some unit we had never heard about. A special unit following up on the furlings or something else too. Or even some other seemingly looking underdeveloped aliens that in fact are not like the Nox were first revealed. Have them using everything full knowledge of the gates and taking this team from the get go, and losing them not allowing them back to earth, chasing a deep storyline, crossing into Atlantis, and universe from time to time. DIVE DEEP!

  19. Jeff Bailey says:

    I always thought Stargate SG1 would have been great if they’d just continued using the young cadets we met in the episode Proving Ground. The show is so good, and there are still so many themes left untouched! Go for it!

  20. Maeve McGrath says:

    Well it wouldn’t be hard to reboot as SG1 was still out there and Atlantis came home to earth. You have the casts of both shows to work with. Develop the events from where Altantis returned and your loyal fans will follow as well as the new ones.

  21. beast says:

    no reboot. i say do at least 1 if not 2 atlantis movies, at least 3 more seasons of sgu to catch up to the 5 seasons of atlantis, and then could have 1 or 2 movies that covers all three serieses. then you can do your alternate timeline reboot.

  22. Andrew says:

    New reboots are great and something different. It’s great adding a new feel to something. One cannot always linger on the past. Star trek Enterprise was a whole different feel, but us trekkies loved it. Bring back Star trek and Stargate series! Doesn’t matter what form they come in. Come on guys,new JJ Abrams Star Trek movies are great !

  23. shannon says:

    i loved stargate atlantis! and i know if a new season came out of the stargate franchise i will be happy, i know that it wont be the same people or same place but i would warm to it. i would love it to be in atlantis but pickers cant be choosers. id love anything that happened with the stargate franchise (aslong as its not sgu)

  24. monkey face says:

    i think that if a new series were to be made it should be about a combat group that spends time in all the bases switching between them for like the first two series and then eventually establishing there own base i think that previous star gate characters should at least be mentioned if not seen and that it should introduce the ferlings and as a race that were competitive with the ancients in a peaceful way but they to have also gone(possibly through death or a different form of ascension like i dunno they became 1 with the universe this also helps explain the planet in sgu ) and i think that the team of the new possible series should eventually set up base in 1 of the ferlings city’s like Atlantis but with differences like maybe this city it has better weapons and defenses but the engines to fly this new city could never support zpms so the team have to find a new way to power them , and maybe the main enemy could be the rouge Asgard that have fused there body with furling dna making them aggressive and smart but this was only a temporary fix and they believe that they need ancients dna to fix this and they come after us( humans and the closest living relative to the ancients ) because they believe that through experimentation they could stabilize there selves but they mainly target people with the ancients gene. this would also give them the ability to steel crucial parts from the hybrid Asgard -furlings like they did on Atlantis with the replicators.

  25. tbizzled says:

    Honestly I know I am a minority, but I actually really enjoyed Universe and would love to see a third season, but done through Netflix. I think that series was given new life while it was on Netflix, and Netflix is known now for giving new life to dead shows anyways (Arrested Development for example). Since Netflix hasn’t touched much on the sci-fi genre, I really hope they pick up Stargate Universe as a starter. The show deserves at least one more season even if it’s short to properly wrap things up.

  26. mike says:

    I would like to say stargate should continue on top of all the advancements made and go fiurther,.all actors could be presented with a new deal and help continue its franchise until they find replacements in show.

  27. Michael J. Cignarella says:

    So tough .. But easily doable …

    Best of both worlds so to speak ? ? Here’s my pitch …… We know the Goa’uld took slaves from Earth and moved them throughout the Galaxy .. We know there are Ships out there depositing gates through multiple universes , etc ..

    We know that SGU’s Ship(s) ia/are traveling towards a planet … So ……

    This is what I give you …… 3 Seasons of the Planet SGU is traveling towards .. We know they are more advanced then we are only because you basically took the smartest people in Stargate , sent them back in time with our current knowledge to start a new society and if you remember.. That society flourished … we watched them grow , advance , etc .. we got to visit a satellite home-world of theirs that was being destroyed by volcanic activity and earthquakes …

    SO……. How far fetched would it be to start at this planet .. see their ships landing .. Them Unloading and starting their civilization all over again , see how quickly they can create a flourishing society get a gate ( which would be on the ship ) up and working , etc etc..

    Flash forward 2 to 3 seasons……… An Ancient ( gate builder ) beacon goes off … The Earth Outpost see’s this beacon and low and behold under the outpost was a small ancient ship …. The instructions say a group must board the ship and that it is leaving in T-Minus 2 months a few days , hours minutes , seconds.. etc ….

    The SGU gets the same beacon …. They awake with instructions to land at blah blah blah …….. By way of Ancient Chinese Secret ….. ( joke ) the SG-1 hidden Ancient ship has some super duper Worm hole faster than the first time u had intercourse Engine ONE USE ONLY ….. Transport occupants to New World location……

    SO…….. You have a bit of SG1 ……. the SGU group ….. perhaps a trip back to Atlantis for purposes of monitoring because PERHAPS on the ship found under the outpost ancient base on earth there was a 2nd or perhaps even a DOZEN ZPM’s which would make the Atlantis ship viable again.. So a group goes back to Atlantis and the base as well has gotten the SAME BEACON……

    2 months later …… all 3 groups meat with the 4th Group and the REAL STORY begins……

    NOW….. We would have technically 1 species but 4 VERY powerful friendly’s trying to get along and figure out which end is up….

    Who’s to say the goa’uld couldn’t hear about this through the grape vine and follow them, meat up with the Wraith ….. It could be as EASY or Hard as anyone wanted the storyline to be …..

    IMAGINE a Hybrid of Wraith and Goa’uld ? ? ? ANYWHO…….

    Just saying…… there are BILLIONS of interesting ideas to be had…..

    Perhaps they need some NEW BLOOD with incredible imaginations …..

    EHEM—– LIKE ME………. Just saying … LOL

  28. Rob says:

    I think they should reboot Stargate Atlantis but have the old characters switch with a new chain of command and a new team/group run it. If the old characters dont want to return then im sure they would do a reboot episode. The possibility with Atlantis on earth now is endless maybe the wraith find a way to earth start colonizing in our universe.

    Maybe a new race has been traveling from universe to universe and seeks domination, and we would have Atlantis there to help earth with its battles.

    Or if they cant do that theres no point in rebooting a show that has been offline for years the same applies with SGU i think they should go fresh new beginning. Make sure this time not to cancel the show right in the middle of the series.

  29. noskcile says:

    stargate is chaotic never ending explorations, lingering threats.imagination, people should always be curious new ideas. if i keep predicting whats going to happen next ill eventually get bored.

  30. Zoli says:

    Stargate with cool, respectable aliens like the the Wraith or the Goa’uld will be successful

  31. Jon Fox says:

    i believe that stargate should get a reboot however not in the sense of the “batman begins” reboot toa dieing series i believe it should have a totally new team not necessarily new characters but a new main group so link it with the missions of SG-1 and Atlantis rather than having one main story use the stargates as they where designed to travel unite the worlds and make a universal empire wile this has been developed in the lore as “unpresentable due to lack of power” use the characters rodney managed to make atlantis into combat capable without 3 zpms why couldnt he do the same thing on the stargates scale i.e. use the relay between galaxys as they have to link Pegasuses and the milky way or rip off the ancient tech and use there super advanced builder technology to rapidly produce “seeder” ships to build the starget platforms and allow the procedure of military colonization or galactic colonization to make a united empire of people to defeat old enemies that the ancients could not i.e. the wraith and gu’old settle new worlds and give stargate a huge breath of life or if the funding is there make a MMO based in the sg universe and allow players to play there way and build the universe as they see fit much like eve this would obviously generate funds to produce more series and allow more fans to join the voluptuous ranks of sg fans across the world you never know maybe even the universe

  32. Viny says:

    Please continue SG1, its the BEST stargate ever!

  33. Arnold Stevens says:

    If they want to do a re-boot then fine its still stargate.
    but they should at least make a film to fill in the blanks, stargate doesn’t deserve to just be drooped without a ‘full stop’. what they have left us with is just a ‘…’ its not on stargate deserves better.

  34. Joe Neri says:

    They really ought to continue the Atlantis series that was cut off in mid stream, perhaps pairing it with a continuing Stargate Command series in alternatives story lines, now that the city has returned to Earth.