Stargate To Return As A Rebooted Film Trilogy

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StargateSince the cancellation of SGU, Stargate fans have found themselves in much the same position as Star Trek fans after the demise of Enterprise. For the first time in a long time, the Stargate franchise doesn’t have a show on the air, nor any signs of one on the horizon. Star Trek’s resurgence eventually came in the form of J.J. Abrams’ divisive film series. As for Stargate? Yup, it’s being rebooted on the big screen as well. Except it’s a reboot that’s also a, somehow, a sequel. What does that mean? Who freakin’ knows.

Stargate writer/director Roland Emmerich broke the news to Digital Spy, revealing how the new project came about. Emmerich says, “We went to MGM, who has the rights, and proposed to them to do a sequel, but as a reboot… and reboot it as a movie and then do three parts. Pretty soon we’ll have to look for a writer and start.”

And here’s where the confusion comes in. He describes the new Stargate project as a “sequel, but as a reboot.” Although Emmerich’s short quote doesn’t provide any further information, the clue to deciphering the seemingly contradictory concepts may come from Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise. T4 (just revealed as Transformers: Age of Extinction) has also been described as a sequel that is also a reboot. As near as anyone can tell, that means they aren’t ignoring the past movies, but they’re giving it a pseudo-reboot, introducing new characters and giving existing characters such as Optimus Prime a new look.

Based on what little Emmerich has said, it sounds like the new Stargate might follow that same model. The previous material will still be considered canon, but the new trilogy will mark a new jumping-off point where viewers won’t necessarily need to have seen the previous installments in order to follow and enjoy the new films. This sort of nebulous reboot/sequel thing has been popping up a lot lately, notably with regards to the next Terminator film.

Of course, all of this is just speculation with little actual confirmed information. There’s still a question of whether, if the new Stargate movies do acknowledge the earlier canon, will they acknowledge all of it? Will they build off the 1994 movie alone, or will they recognize all three of the Stargate TV series as valid as well? It’s a similar — but considerably less complicated — situation as Episode VII finds itself in when considering whether to honor the ridiculous amount of Expanded Universe content.

There is one other odd comment from Emmerich. When asked if the original Stargate’s stars Kurt Russell and James Spader might return for the new film, Emmerich says, “The actors look totally different… it would not work.” That’s a curious statement in the context of his previous one. If the new Stargate trilogy will be both a reboot and a sequel, that would presumably mean it will be set in modern day. If that’s the case, there’s no reason Russell and Spader’s characters couldn’t return in spite of having aged. And besides, if you have a chance to put Kurt Russell in your movie, you do it.


  1. SGU says:

    I actually had a mini heart attack when i saw this, i might still be having it…but… OH MY GOD STARGATE IS COMING BACK!!!!!

    • Karl William Davis says:

      I had one when I saw ‘reboot’, but then I calmed down a bit once I read it and realised, “Ah . . yeah, that could work” lol

      • Karl William Davis says:

        Ok now I’m a bit more scared, since everything I’ve read since this sounds more like it would be a full reboot

        • Technoangina says:

          They spanned 3 series rebooted SG1 and kicked out 2 movies. I think they are capable of doing something at least passable. By which I mean to say, this should actually be decent.

          • Karl William Davis says:

            Not quite sure what you’re trying to say there, especially when you say ‘rebooted’

          • Technoangina says:

            Just that this franchise “should” be able to successfully pull off something new without pissing off old fans. They’ve got a good track record so far. At worst it should be okay, at best it will be pretty cool.

          • Karl William Davis says:

            Ah yes, yeah I agree
            That’s kind of what they tried to do with SGU, to bring in a new audience, but of course the problem was that they alienated a lot of their old audience to
            it’s a shame because some of the best episodes were after it was cancelled. If it had another season I reckon it would’ve been much more to the liking of us old fans
            Same deal here, yeah there’s no reason why they can’t make something that appeals to old and new fans alike. If Star Trek hadn’t already done it I’d almost suggest the whole alternate timeline thing, so you both preserve the old canon and establish a new timeline that’s free of old continuity. They could still do something like that if they could find a way to put a new spin on the idea

          • Jeremy Higgens says:

            I’m not sure if this is going to actually happen, MGM hasn’t even released season 2 of SGU on Blu Ray. If they think they can’t make money on a cancelled rebooted series I don’t see why they would go with a movie.

            Besides, Emmerich is no JJ Abrams. Emmerich doesn’t have nearly the number of hits. His only real claim to fame is Stargate, and the series turned out to be better then the movie. And Emmerich had nothing to do with the any of the series. He didn’t even like them.

            The only real positive is that the concept of Stargate has a lot of room for artistic license. When you look at the series they managed to do quite a bit and still only scratched the surface.

            Stargate was a not bad movie, but it was Emmerich’s best, the rest of his fare was bland and tasteless. This seems like a big roll of the dice for MGM. On the other hand, if they were to go ahead with a different director it could work. Emmerich would be sure to get his quiff in a tizzy.

          • Al says:

            But aren’t all Stagrgate fans old fans? heee

  2. Karl William Davis says:

    “It’s a similar — but considerably less complicated — situation as Episode VII finds itself in when considering whether to honor the ridiculous amount of Expanded Universe content”
    Seeing this sort of thing float around both terrifies and infuriates me, because it always sound like the person is suggesting that the EU doesn’t have a legitimate place. I also resent the use of the word ‘ridiculous’
    If the EU is scrapped, I’m quitting Star Wars, period

  3. Tam says:

    GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!!!!!! or is it? As an avid stargate fan im a bit apprehensive but also excited for some new stargate material.

    • Glen says:

      You’re initial quote is perfect, I think. We’re going to go on some kind of new adventure, but just like when the Professor sends the crew out, it’s probably not going to be fun for us.

    • Lindsey says:

      I have the same sentiments as you. I think it’s great news, but I am apprehensive about a reboot (but a sequel?) I hope the term reboot just means because Stargate has been off the air for a while and that they will follow the same cannon and feel that made the TV shows popular.

  4. Lorelei says:

    I’d rather have Michael Shanks play Daniel Jackson. And what about Teal’C? I’m kinda skeptical about this.

    • Phil A. Buster says:

      Don’t second guess what’s going to happen. Wait until all the facts are in, then you can go crazy.

    • David Ball says:

      I assume it’ll be complete new characters, with new actors. I want it to be called SG-2 😉

    • Audrey says:

      Yeah, Daniel developed a Lot as Michael played him. A lot of his mannerisms and cadences shifted and settled somewhere different from Spader’s performance. I know I’m attached, but at this point it’s Michael Shanks or no Daniel at all, in my opinion.

    • Al says:

      I’m in the minority, but I greatly prefer Spader’s version.

  5. Kerra4 says:

    This is the best news since Star Trek came back! And Emmerick can do what he wants. He started the whole thing in the first place.

  6. Dave Carson says:

    I don’t care who plays the roles having been a fan of the original film long before the series came about.As long as any new material doesn’t go off track from the original concept and has openings for existing characters to blend in either as guests or in flashback,I think most people could accept that

  7. John Southerland says:

    My guess is one of two ways. An alternate timeline spinoff like jj’s star trek. Or they are following one of the other sg teams with cammeo’s from the other characters

    • Drew O'Malley says:

      as long as it is not the story of Felger and his equally idiot partner LOL, I can see it now “Stargate 1 1/2” .

  8. James Hernandez says:

    im sooo happy im gonna shit myself hahaha

  9. James Hernandez says:


  10. Andrew Jones says:

    Why have Kurt when you can have Macgyver?

    • Phil A. Buster says:

      Why not have both of them in the movie? I’m sure the producers could figure a way to do it!

      • Al says:

        Funny, but nah. To me having both incarnations in the same movie would be kinda goofy. I’d prefer just a straight up no jokey sequel to the movie.

    • Drew O'Malley says:

      remember when carter and o’neill were stuck in the glacier? in an out take she says ” what happened? You used to be MacGuyver, now you’re friggin’ Mac-Useless” LMAO

    • Jay Cloidt says:

      That was my thought. Kurt did one movie as Jack. RDA did 10 seasons. I can’t really picture Kurt Russell as Jack O’Neill anymore even though I love the movie.

    • Lars Mårten Rikard Nilsson says:

      Funny thing in the Series, RDA has a line at one point where he introduces himself: “It’s “O’Neill,” with two L’s. There’s another Colonel O’Neil with only one L, and he has no sense of humor at all.”

    • Al says:

      Why have MacGyver when you can have Snake Plissken?

      • Phil A. Buster says:

        There’s a rebel leader in the TV show “Falling Skies” that looks a lot like Snake Plissken. He could easily be Snake in a reboot of those “Escape From…” movies if producers thinks Kurt Russell is too old!

  11. Phil A. Buster says:

    I don’t care what they do to the franchise,if it’s Stargate, I’ll go see it!

  12. catlady says:

    I would die for a new movie. I believe everything that that show meant. I mean I have always thought aliens built the pyramids. There is no way that they could build that and then there is the Astecs. I think that aliens are the missing link.If Stargate Came back I would think I died and went to heaven.And yes I did not like the 2nd Star trek. I did not like the guy that played Kahn. He was not Kahn.I was surprised how much I loved the 1st movie. Spock… I kept thinking of the asshole from Heroes. But when I saw him in the movie I was swept away. He was Spock. OMG he looked like Spock. He is awesome as Spock. Blew me away. Oh and Scotty!! Also I still love my Mint Julips. You remember Bones drinking that. Been drinking them since.I hope in the next movie they respect us and do things more familler. Kahn sucked.You can’t fuck with us Trekkies!!! You fuck with us youe screwed. And Stargate, keep to the story. Don’t try to chang how aliens are or anything. You will pisss us off. I would Like to see Ball again. Remember we never found out if we got all the clones. I think he is still out there. Well I kinda hope so. That is one fine ass Gould! And like I said we don’t know if we got them all. I hope not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still say Lack and Sam should have a wedding!!!!!!

  13. duker52004 says:

    I’m pumped about a new SG movie! Sweet! Either RDA or KR would serve the movie well… I liked RDA as a General-In-Charge, and KR would kiss ass as a new Col. overseeing an SG team…

    Still… a lotta fans out there! Hope they treat us right…

  14. Heidi Liedberg says:

    I say we do the children of Sam/Jack and Daniel/Whoever and Tealc can still be around because doesn’t he age slower (well without the symbiote maybe not) Then we can have RDA and AT and MS and CJ in the movie, just older. If its just all new people then whats the point

  15. Rob Walls says:

    Well, if you look back at the Stargate series SG1 and Atlantis, SG1 had its two movie format story closers, and the movie closer for Atlantis (SG: Atlantis- Extinction) was dropped. There is a clear gap between Atlantis arriving on Earth and the incident at Icarus Base, launching point for SG: Universe.

    This would be a perfect spot to bring together the needed characters of SG-1 and SG: Atlantis to resolve the Wraith situation and the IOA treaty with the Pegasus Galaxy. At the conclusion of this reboot/sequel, Stargate Command can transmit the nebulous data from the SG-U team, and use the Atlantis database to identify all 9 chevron addresses to make the universe that MUCH bigger, 9^39 – 8^39.

    The second movie would take two or three key people from the first movie with select support teams, and explore another seed ship armed with Atlantian information and technology not seen in any of the series. By the end of the third movie, a hybrid ship using the ‘trans’-wormhole technology arrives at the climax to rescue this expedition, and brings new orders with new faces to open the next door.

    The third movie could take the stand out characters on the recon mission on the newest ship to find out what happened to the members of the Icarus Base using the 9 chevron address from the opener of SG:U to pinpoint the course of Destiny, and rendezvous in the battle with the mother ships of the SG:U finale 3 years from the end of SG:U.

    Yes, I would not mind being approached or credited for a reasonable 3 paragraph movie trilogy story arc. 🙂

  16. Thør says:

    didnt Emmerich go on the record a while back stating he didnt like the TV show.. in fact he never watched it and will never watch it? stating that if he did anything else it would be a continuation of the original movie as he originally envisaged it being a trilogy..

  17. SergioSource says:

    I sure hope this brings enough cash to incentive new series. They seriously need to finish SGU either with a last season or a movie (although the former would be preferable) and start a whole new line. Hyped as fuck

  18. wordaddict says:

    If you have a chance to put James Spader in a movie, you do it!

    • Kate says:

      yeah not sure how I feel about that, but the difference in the Spader/Shanks interpretation of the same character (particularly in Season 1) was quite different – part of the attraction of the “Daniel” character was the insecurity of anything outside the past, the nerdiness, the allergies, etc – when we first met Daniel (Shanks) I thought I’d met a male version of myself… Would be funny if they did the “alternate reality” thing again and had both Shanks and Spader as themselves in alternate universes….

  19. Kate says:

    I hope Rick is in it – I love Kurt Russell, but give me MacGyver anyday!!!!!

    • Al says:

      Ah no, Anderson got his chance. Russell’s version of the character was far more interesting to me. The producers and Anderson lightened him up too much.

  20. Shawn McKellop says:

    If you listen to the commentary from the original movie, the director said that stargate was supposed to be a trilogy. Also, the box that the not so popular Ra model came in said that he shipped the muneral to his “masters”. Yes, I am a turbo nerd.

  21. Heidi says:

    It will only be worth watching if they have the original characters, O’neill, Carter, Daniel and T’ealc. After episode 8 I stopped watching as it was rubbish.

  22. Alex Kozma says:

    we might see some furlings?

  23. Amy stanbridge says:

    Star gate better come back in my oppinion atlantis isnt finished and we all kmow universe isnt finished it be nice to have it all wrapped up so we know how it all ends

  24. Sheeple_Hater says:

    The original movie was good, but each TV series that followed was great.

    The fact that they ended Stargate Atlantis too soon, then cancelled
    Stargate Universe before it really had a chance to shine, makes me want
    to avoid anything associated with Stargate. Either I’ll get into it,
    then it will be cancelled or it will differ so much from what has
    already been established, that it will pale in comparison.

    If any future Stargate projects are to be made, it should be the
    continuation of the Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis stories, as TV movies and
    the Stargate Universe storyline, because we still don’t know if Eli
    Wallace survives or what that damned message was, that was left in the
    background radiation of the universe. sage…

  25. Dreamlogic says:

    Its cool they are sequel-booting SG. I think Russell and Spader are still fit to be in SG.

    However, they have been largely replaced by Richard Dean Anderson & Michael Shanks. I think SG:X is going to get the Star trek ITD treatment (roller coaster movie ride!)

    LOL it would be cool if Naqahdah turned out to be the same stuff as Unobtainium HEHE 😀

    SG:U was a cool concept but was very depressing. In short when the Nerd boys character finally feel in love, she got kill. I was like! F**K he should just quit now to save himself of being tortured in this awful show!

  26. JessSayin says:

    LOVED the original film. All the reboots in the world can’t touch that one.
    Knock yourself out, Roland.

  27. fe says:

    they can do a great job without a reboot, it’s too soon I think. Whatever happened to Universe, and am I the only one that felt there could have been more after the end of Atlantis. The universe is vast. Either way, I really enjoyed Stargate in all of it’s incarnations, and I’m just happy they are making more.

    • Al says:

      Yeah, I don’t want a reboot. I think of the TV series and its spinoffs as the reboot. I want a sequel to the original theatrical movie instead.

  28. Al says:

    Would like to see continuation of the movie version. The TV versions just never did it for me. (Like the difference between TOS Trek and TNG in some ways.) No offense to devotees of the TV version, but it’d be nice for fans of the movie to get more of what we enjoyed about Stargate.

  29. Dandru says:

    This has exactly zero chance of happening.

  30. Nathan says:

    Hopefully the reboot isn’t ruined like J.J. Abrams Star Trek.