10 Awesome Star Wars Car Accessories Every Geek Needs

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r2-d2 usb car charger

Sure, you can’t hop in your car and visit Tatooine any time you like, but that shouldn’t prevent you from decking out your ride in all the coolest Dark Side gear.

After checking out all the available Star Wars automobile merch, we’ve come up with what we think are the must-have items for your car. See if you agree. And if you’re having trouble deciding between the Stormtrooper and Darth Vader options? Why settle for one when you can choose both!

1. Star Wars Floor Mats

cool star wars car mats

Listen, no one wants to get in your car and see gravel, mud and other muck on the floor. So, make the Republic proud and get yourself some rubber floor mats for that ride. Will it be Darth Vader or the Stormtrooper? Personally, I prefer the Stormtrooper because the design stands out more than the black-on-black design of the Vader mats. But, the white will show dirt easier. Tough decision, huh? Consider putting one design in the front and the other in the rear so that you get the best of both worlds.

The mats are rubber instead of fabric, which means you don’t have to waste time at the car wash using the vacuum to clean them. Instead, just shake them out and you’re good to go. Or maybe wipe them down if they’re extra disgusting. Either way, clean up is super easy.

stormtrooper car floor mats

If you’re ready to drive on over to the Dark Side, we suggest ordering these from either ThinkGeek or Amazon for the lowest price and free shipping.

Click here for price check at Amazon

Click here for price check at ThinkGeek

2. Star Wars Seat Covers

The problem with the floor mats above is that they are kind of hard to show off. Sure, they look great but it’s only people who are getting in your car that can even see them. And that’s a shame, both for you and everyone else in the world. That’s where these cool automobile seat covers come into play. With these, anyone who goes by your empty car will know all about your Stars Wars love.

Like the floor mats, these are currently only available in Stormtrooper and Darth Vader options. Tough luck if you aren’t tempted by the dark side, eh? Well, since you can buy these individually, I am definitely fan of getting one of each. Though, if you buy a matching set then it does come out a bit cheaper in the end.

stormtrooper car seat cover

Like most automobile seat covers, these are machine washable and you can even just vacuum up all the McDonald’s crumbs and other debris. So, don’t worry about all that hair Chewbacca is bound to leave behind.

One thing you should know – these are not designed for those seats that have side airbags. Other than that, they will fit pretty much any seat that doesn’t have an armrest and has a removable headrest.

After doing a price comparison, it looks like ThinkGeek has the lowest price on the Stormtrooper ones and Amazon is cheaper on the Vader ones, but that can change at any time.

Click here for price check at ThinkGeek

Click here for price check at Amazon

3. Gear Shift Knob

stormtrooper gear shift knob

While you are outfitting your automobile in all things Stormtrooper, you might as well pick yourself up a novelty gear shift knob. It’s kinda sad that you can only use one of these if your vehicle is a manual shift instead of automatic, but that just means you get to be part of a small club of extra-special Star Wars geeks.

And just look at how cool this thing looks. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, you should know that you can actually order this in Darth Vader as well. However, it tends to run about $10 more on average, so decide how much going to the dark side is really worth to you.

Click here for lowest price on Amazon

4. R2-D2 USB Car Charger

r2d2 usb car charger

If you’re tired of all the Stormtroopers and Darth Vader stuff, then you will just love this USB car charger. It’s probably my favorite Star Wars car accessory on the market right now. Of course, that could be due to the fact that the only Star Wars toy my parents bought me when I was a child was a little wind-up RD-D2. Man, I loved that thing, just like I love this thing.

Now, there’s a pretty good chance that you haven’t seen this before, right? That’s cause it is an exclusive ThinkGeek product. So, unless you’ve seen people selling it on eBay, it’s probably a new item. But here’s the thing – it’s already SO freaking popular that ThinkGeek is actually limiting how many you can buy at once! I definitely suggest you order up one of these while they’re still in stock.

Click here to buy from ThinkGeek

5. Star Wars Accordion Sunshade

star wars car sunshade

This is the perfect option for the Star Wars fan on a budget. This car sunshade is both cheap and awesome. And it lets everyone in the parking lot know that you are one serious Star Wars geek.

star wars car sunshadeJust look at how great this cheap Star Wars sunshade is – doesn’t it just scream classic 80’s awesomeness?

Plus, it’s just downright practical. During those hot, sunny days this thing will prevent your vehicle from getting as hot as the Death Star explosion.

Click here to buy at Amazon

Click here to buy at ThinkGeek

There is just no denying that this Star Wars Millennium Falcon windshield sunshade will look great in your vehicle’s window. The only question is will you go with this one or the cool Battle of Hoth sunshade below?

empire strikes back sunshade

This one looks pretty cool as well. Though, it is a LOT more expensive on Amazon. Thankfully, you can score it for around $20 on ThinkGeek. Now, you just have to decide if it will be this one or the other one. Both are great choices that will make the Republic proud.

Click here to buy at ThinkGeek

Click here to buy at Amazon

6. Star War Car Air Fresheners

star wars air freshener

If you don’t want your car to smell as gross as Jabba looks, then you’ll want to freshen up the joint with some of those little air fresheners that hang from your rearview mirror.

The cool thing is that there are loads of different options to choose from here. You can go with the classic scenes in the image above. Or get something like a Star Wars Yoda air freshener. Most of these things smell like vanilla, so your ride will be smelling good in no time.

Click here for the full selection on Amazon

7. Star Wars Car Decals

yoda car decal
There is no shortage of cool and funny Star Wars decals for your car. Personally, I am a big fan of the Yoda one that is pictured. But hey, there is something for everyone.

So, whether you want a Stormtrooper or one of those cute little family decal groups, you will be able to find it. There are even some color car decals available for purchase.

Click here for the full selection on Amazon.

8. Star Wars License Plate Frame

star wars licenseplate frame

While there is the always popular “Toyoda” license plate frame, I tend to prefer the “My other ride is the Millennium Falcon” pictured above. Of course, these aren’t your only options if you want to take your Star Wars car swag to the license plate.

As you check out the available options, be sure to notice that some are made of plastic and others of chrome. For the best quality, stick with the chrome ones as they will last you longer.

Click here for full selection on Amazon.

9. Star Wars Steering Wheel Cover

star wars steering wheel cover
If you want to prevent your steering wheel from getting too hot in the summer or just make it more comfortable, the a good steering wheel cover is just what you need. Fortunately for Star Wars geeks like you and me, there just happens to be a couple of officially licensed ones that you can get.

storm trooper steering wheel coverAs you can see in the image above, Darth Vader is one of your options for covering that steering wheel. And as you’ve probably already guess, a Stormtrooper is your other option.

These are designed to fit pretty much any vehicle and they just slide right over your steering wheel. They are made out of a soft rubber that is easy to keep clean and doesn’t hurt your hands if you’re on a long road trip. But the best part is that these things are super cheap! So, if you need a cheap Star Wars novelty car accessory, then this one just might be the best for your budget.

Click here for price check at Amazon

Click here for price check at ThinkGeek

10. Star Wars Car Kits

star wars car kits

If you want to make your life easier, then just order up one of these complete Star Wars car accessories kits.

In this, you can get things like seat covers, floor mats, a steering wheel cover and more. There are a few different kits available so that you can get as little or as much of these things as you need for your vehicle.

Click here for full collection of car kits on Amazon

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