Star Trek Has An Epic Running Time

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trektimeFears that Paramount might be gearing up its relaunch of the Star Trek franchise for those with extremely short attention spans seem to have been unfounded. The movie’s official running time has been leaked on the website of Hollywood’s Arclight theater. If their information is correct, Abrams’ Trek clocks in at 140 minutes.

That’s two hours and twenty minutes, almost as long as Watchmen, a movie already being criticized by the Fast and Furious dulled, quick fix crowd for dragging on too long. But it’s good news for the average Trekkie. It seems to indicate that JJ Abrams has made something truly epic, not a movie for the give it to me now MTV crowd.

The last three Trek movies clocked in at 116, 103, and 111 minutes respectively. In fact 140 minutes makes this new Star Trek the longest Trek movie ever released. The next closest is Star Trek: The Motion Picture which had a theatrical running time of 132 minutes theatrically. Even TMP’s director’s cut only runs 136 minutes.


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