Star Trek Into Darkness’ Honest Trailer Gets Everything Right

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Back in May, Star Trek Into Darkness was anticipated to be better than the first reboot film from J.J. Abrams. Many felt that this entry would be the “Empire Strikes Back” of the Star Trek reboot film series. Boy, were we wrong about this one. While Star Trek Into Darkness is a terrible movie, it’s pretty much the same thing we watched in 2009 with the first reboot movie as it recycled many of its elements, structure, and action. Star Trek Into Darkness also played heavily on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with its villain John Harrison, played by Benedict Cumberbatch (Is revealing his character name still considered a spoiler?).

The good people at Screen Junkies have released a new Honest Trailer skewering Star Trek Into Darkness as its centerpiece. Honestly, they got this one completely right. Star Trek Into Darkness is a mediocre Star Trek movie; it’s not the worst, but it’s clearly not the best either. It sits there in between the first Star Trek reboot from J.J. Abrams and the first Next Generation movie, Star Trek: Generations.

The Honest Trailer also points out one of the biggest criticisms of the sequel film, its handling of the Dr. Carol Marcus character (Alice Eve). Marcus was one of the most brilliant characters in the original Star Trek timeline, but Abrams and crew reduced her to eye candy for Captain Kirk and 14-year-old boys. If you remember the controversy surrounding the female characters, in Star Trek Into Darkness, you’ll see Screen Junkies has every right to point it out.

The Star Trek Into Darkness Honest Trailer is also a collaboration with the “How It Should Have Ended” people, and that makes you wonder what would be included in a “How It Should Have Ended” video for Into Darkness. Hopefully, they’re working on one.

Star Trek Into Darkness was one of the biggest disappointments of the summer. Maybe expectations were too high after J.J. Abrams delayed the film’s production because he wanted to get the sequel film right. Maybe we should’ve gone into Star Trek Into Darkness expecting nothing more than a thrilling action movie on the level of a Michael Bay Transformers movie. If that’s the case, then Star Trek Into Darkness succeeds.

The Blu-ray/DVD of Star Trek Into Darkness arrives on September 10, and perhaps cooler heads will prevail once we watch the film again at home, but that’s doubtful. There were just too many dumb moments in Star Trek Into Darkness to overlook, including “Temple Run: The Movie,” the U.S.S. Enterprise underwater, San Francisco’s destruction without consequences, Kirk dying and then coming back to life 10 minutes later, the Khan reveal, the villain wanting to get caught as part of his plan trope, and the appearance of super blood.


  1. martyo78 says:

    Yup it wasn’t the best like

  2. Jon Davis says:

    Yeah… that’s about how it was. LOL

  3. flashfast2000 says:

    I only enjoyed Into Darkness only because I didn’t walk into the theater expecting anything more than a Transformers movie. As a Star Trek movie it was worse than the previous movie which was a disaster. Thanks for screwing it up JJ! I can’t wait to see how big you screw up Star Wars!

  4. zirtoc says:

    I enjoyed this critique of the movie. But to say it was terrible just isn’t true. Now, if you did nothing but showed the Enterprise from the outside for 20 minutes…that would be terrible. A plot featuring ‘saving the whales’ might be terrible. This movie was action-packed and enjoyable.

  5. Kevin Miller says:

    still tracking > 90% at rotten tomatoes. i bet less than 9% of the population will ever even see this video, so better get busy guys if you really wanna make a dent on that 91%.

  6. Matt says:

    Funny, but Nitpicking at its finest.

  7. Clayton says:

    I enjoyed the movie, but was also expecting a popcorn flick, not a classic Trek story. Have to admit I felt the same about most of that featured here. My main gripe was that it was such a huge deal to have higher rank and get promoted in everything Star Trek that came before. Yeah it’s a science mission not the military, but the military feel was there. If you get promoted even just to first officer it’s a big deal. These movies are okay with promoting, demoting and basically whatever needs to be done to fill gaps in the storyline. Then top it off with basically a whole crew of immature and inexperienced 20-somethings who somehow miraculously were able to take command of a starship. Some of the previous movies had terrible story lines but at least they remembered some key ingredients to the characters and fundemental ideas that Gene had in creating the whole thing.

  8. bhak says:

    It was fun… I honestly thought the opening the scene was the best part. It felt like a perfect balance of TOS and the first Abrams film- it had the action and effects of Abrams with the exploration and themes of TOS and I think I found myself most concerned with the characters’ well being during this part. The rest was not amazing but far from terrible in my opinion.

  9. Mordaris says:

    “Star Trek Into Darkness is a mediocre Star Trek movie; it’s not the worst, but it’s clearly not the best either. It sits there in between the first Star Trek reboot from J.J. Abrams and the first Next Generation movie, Star Trek: Generations.” <– Do you people not even read your own linked articles? "GALAXY QUEST" is between those two movies. "Into Darkness" is dead last.

  10. Armand says:

    Do fuck off.

  11. Feffenpepper says:

    The movie itself is not terrible, minus the lens flares. It is a pretty good action movie. The issue is that Star Trek is not all about action.