Star Trek 2 Set Photos Show Spock Giving Benedict Cumberbatch The Old Vulcan Nerve Pinch

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J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek sequel is one of the most anticipated movies on the horizon right now, and also one of the most secretive. For every solid bit of information that’s been confirmed, there are a dozen different rumors. Now, at last, we’ve got our first actual look at Star Trek 2, courtesy of a pair of set photos published by MTV’s Movies Blog. First up, a confrontation between Spock (Zachary Quinto) and the unknown character played by Sherlock‘s Benedict Cumberbatch.

As you can see, Trek 2 will see Spock unleashing the infamous Vulcan nerve pinch, although MTV claims that “Cumberbatch’s character is able to overpower the grip and regain the upper hand in his struggle against the Star Fleet officer.” That raises all sorts of questions: just who or what is this guy that he can shrug off a move that has previously been shown to be able to knock out just about anyone? Keep in mind, they still haven’t confirmed that Cumberbatch is playing the film’s villain…although this shot speaks a lot louder than Abrams’ usual tapdancing. Interestingly, MTV’s story also claims that Cumberbatch is wearing a black version of the Starfleet uniform under his snazzy leather jacket. I can’t really make out any details that suggest it’s a uniform. Who knows, maybe MTV has seen a higher-res version of the picture. If he is wearing a Starfleet uniform, that might finally shoot down the seemingly unkillable Khan rumors.

One last fun detail: apparently the set Spock and Cumberbatch’s character are fighting atop is described as a “Space Barge.” Who knows, maybe Jabba is right around the corner and this is a secret Star Wars crossover…

In this second shot, Zoe Saldana as Uhura threatens Cumberbatch with a phaser. There’s not much to sift out of this shot, although we can now confirm one thing: Zoe Saldana still looks quite nice in a miniskirt.

Star Trek 2 is currently scheduled to hit theaters on May 17, 2013.


  1. OMFG *squeal* Ultimate fangirl moment right now!!! 

  2. starbase63 says:

    David – copy the picture of Cumberbatch and Quinto into Paint, then enlarge it 180% or so, it does look like a Starfleet emblem on his shirt, very much like the black tunic Chris Pine wore for much of the first movie with the subdued Starfleet chevron.

    And as for Saldana? Nichelle Nichols had better legs… 😉

    • starbase63 says:

      Just saw more pics at TrekCore.com, it’s definitely a Starfleet shirt Cumberbatch is wearing. Rumor is he’s playing Charlie Evans, not Gary Mitchell, since the IDW comic already covered the “New Timeline” version of “WNMHGB” which Orci and Kurtzman have a hand in.

  3. Andreshs2005 says:

    Simply this guy seems too “nice”, too “light”. I don’t know, but really a villain is another thing…