Sneak Peek At Star Trek Remastered’s By Any Other Name

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If you have any sense at all, then you’ve been glued to the re-mastered versions of the original Star Trek which have been airing on broadcast television around the country. This week’s episode is the debut of a re-mastered version of episode 50, “By Any Other Name”.

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a quick episode recap: “By Any Other Name” features aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy, sent to explore our own Milky Way as a prelude to conequest. The aliens, known as Kelvans, take on human form in order to take over the Starship Enterprise, and it is their unfamiliarity with humanity that proves their undoing.

Star Trek’s Michael Okuda has been busy prepping remastered editions like this one, and he hit up my inbox earlier today with a sneak peek at some of the effects work they’ve done on the episode. Like all the remastered editions of TOS, this one features new effects, cleaned up prints, and some pretty spectacular stuff. Below are two preview images from the episode. Take a look at what Okuda and his team have in store for you.

ep50_andromeda.jpg ep50_planetscape.jpg


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