Will Smith And Men In Black Writer Reteam For Colossus Remake

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Let’s make it clear right away that the headline is drawing a connection between Will Smith and Men in Black, and as cool as I thought that movie was at the time, I’d much rather dip back into screenwriter Ed Solomon’s career. He’s the man who brought the world Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and its oddly wonderful sequel, as well as a bunch of episodes from the meta-before-meta-was-meta It’s Garry Shandling’s Show.. Because I roll like a neurotic in a time-traveling phone booth.

That said, Imagine Entertainment’s five-year-gestating remake of the 1970 sci-fi thriller Colossus: The Forbin Project has hired Solomon to rewrite the script. Previous drafts were done by Blake Masters (Brotherhood) and Jason Rothenberg (who wrote the pilot for the CW’s upcoming sci-fi series The Hundred). Ed Solomon is also the usually non-non-non-heinous writer also co-wrote the goofy-as-shit Mom and Dad Save the World and the underrated Billy Bob Thornton flick, Levity, as well as the upcoming illusionist heist movie Now You See Me. I mention his career again to convince you that he might actually make this remake worth the trouble. Will Smith, who really doesn’t need any hyping whatsoever, will take on the role of Dr. Forbin, mad computer scientist.

Colossus: The Forbin Project was on its face a combination of Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove and 2001: A Space Odyssey, in that it tells the high-pressure tale of Forbin’s government defense super-computer, which becomes sentient, goes international, and becomes far more dangerous than imagined. Everyone is scared of super-computers, except for comedy writers. And while Will Smith’s career after M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth is up in the air, I’m feeling pretty good about this actually. WARN: THE SYSTEM HAS BEEN COMPROMISED.


  1. Ahem, “Dr Strangelove” came out in 1964. So it does predate the book. But Will Smith? Help. His acting skills were frozen by the Scientology cult, in the same way that Tom Cruise’s were, post “Legend”, when he joined the cult. Do your homework! With anyone but Smith this might be a winner. Instead it’s going to be an August-release weiner.

  2. Mark Varry says:

    Could be interesting.

  3. Deggsy says:

    Could it work today? The idea of a single supercomputer in a central location seems rather antiquated, but I suppose the story could be altered into a “The Internet becomes sentient” storyline. As for the nuclear threat, it can’t be on the same level as it was when the book was written 50+ years ago…

    • stp says:

      i agree but, they need to update somethings like not a single computer but a.i. internet and not nuclear maybe power plant meltdowns combined with a viral release but it all been done in one way or another its the writers ablitiy to get us ingrossed in the story that makes or brakes

      • Deggsy says:

        Yes, it could be combined with all the talk about the AI Singularity, with a single hive mind taking over our Internet-dependent society…

      • Dano says:

        Don’t worry, they will update it. It will include modern slang and disorient the story as far from the original intention as possible.

    • Please, please, please, if they remake this, set it in the same time period, the story would lose all it’s charm if they tried to set it in modern day.

      I watched this film dozens of times as a kid and even tried to work out what a sequel would look like. What would life living under the control of the computers? How could the computers be defeated? Was mankind better off with the computers in control?

      My father and I talked at length about what the computer was intending to build with all those plans it was printing out at the end of the movie. What would happen when the computer started breaking down? Could the reactor surrounding the US computer be turned off to allow engineers in to do repairs?

      Such a great movie, I’m scared they will screw up the remake. ;-(

  4. Isn’t that almost like “Wargames”?

  5. Kevin Smith says:

    That’s Eric Braeden in the picture as Forbin–currently appearing on the soap “The Young & The Restless”…

  6. corrosivepress says:

    Wargames? Do your homework. The only thing close since 1970 was Terminator’s Skynet. As in the original was about the government stupidly GIVING all defense systems over to Collossus, and computer deciding (along with the USSR’s Guardian) to take over. But remember: the movie had an ending that was unnerving. If they turn that into a happy ending, where all the strings are tied into a nice bow, it will ruin the point of the bloody story!

  7. corrosivepress says:

    “This is the voice of world control. I bring you peace. It may be the peace of plenty and content or the peace of unburied death. The choice is yours: Obey me and live, or disobey and die.” — man, I love that movie!

  8. Dano says:

    Will Smith is just plain boring to watch. His acting and delivery is for a very young crowd. I’m sorry, he is just not cut out for science fiction.

    • stp says:

      not true he was great in i,robot an i am legend he has the ability but the movie may need work

      • Dano says:

        iRobot would have been fantastic with the absence of the the fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Absolutely ridiculous casting. Smith can not be taken seriously by an adult crowd. That being said, an Asimov story made to film should have been quite serious. Casting Smith is absolute shame.

  9. Edward Kirby says:

    Will Smith is becoming the Charlton Heston of our time. I can’t wait to see him in a remake of “Soylent Green”.

  10. it will more than likely be set in a modern world but i too am not so sure about will smith. he’s an action star, not a cerebral star. i think he can be cerebral and emotional, but his look isn’t quite there yet. he needs to get another 10 or so years older looking to be taken more seriously as a cerebral type of character. but in today’s movie world, cerebral doesn’t sell tickets, action does. whether physical drama or physical comedy there has to be some sort of action to sell tickets it seems. good examples of minimal action vs drama from originals compared to their remakes: War of the Worlds and The Day the Earth Stood Still. while there was some action in the originals, especially WotW, it was still minimal at best compared to today’s standards because it was the actors and their emotional performances that kept you glued to your seats. Today you just can’t seem to have that. If it doesn’t have some explosions, a car chase, the hero running, or a fight scene lasting longer than 1 punch and people quickly breaking it up, then it’s considered “boring.” this movie needs to have the same sense of foreboding and dread for the viewer as it progresses just like the original and without much action. this would require an actor who could pull off the same presence as Hans Gudegast did in the original.

  11. Dheep' says:

    How many great classics and stories is Smith going to be allowed to Destroy ? You see the story title “Forbin Project to be Remade” and you get all excited. The yaou read down and see who is attached. How MANY is he going to RUIN ! sigh…….

  12. john smith says:

    Another remake with that black bastard Will Smith the Scientologist.Im not going to see this shit!

  13. alwaysfading says:

    Sorry, it will probably wind up being decent brain candy, but that’s about it. Much like “I Am Legend” what you’ll get is a perversion of the original story. I promise you that at the end of this movie the feeling you’ll have will be nothing by the evilness of Colossus and the injustice be brought down on a misguided yet well intentioned human race. There will be no question about who is good and who is bad, no philosophical quandary when Dr. Forbin is allowed to have the last word because they prove the machines point… The only thing you stand to lose is your pride.

  14. Joe S. says:

    As far as a sequel goes check out the 2 novels that followed the original to see what happens to Colossus.