Showtime To Bring Stephen King’s Under The Dome To Television

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Steven Spielberg is ready to continue this new trend of worthwhile television production with an adaptation to the small screen of Stephen King’s Under the Dome. Looking to compete with HBO’s Game of Thrones, Showtime is partnering with King and Spielberg to put together the new Dreamworks Television series for the premium channel.

Unless you’ve read the novel, and know what’s happening, there isn’t a lot of apparent sci-fi going on. Under the Dome reminded me a bit of The Mist on a much grander scale. Instead of a supermarket, the whole town is locked in together. I’ve enjoyed in varying degrees King’s work since returning from a short “retirement.” But Under the Dome is the most interesting and provocative piece of fiction the prolific writer has produced in a long while.

Deadline reports that Dreamworks TV is currently looking for a writer to undertake the project. If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion or two….Carlton Cuse is no longer busy with Lost. Just saying. David Fury (Buffy, Lost) has long been underappreciated, while producing and writing some amazing episodes of television. You have to admit that the guy who wrote “Walkabout,” the huge season 1 John Locke reveal episode of Lost, could probably kick ass as the show runner of Under the Dome.

Oh, and John Goodman is Big Jim. Thanks in advance for that casting.


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