Sean Young Will Boycott The Blade Runner Sequel If She Isn’t In It

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sean youngSo it’s no surprise by now that a Blade Runner sequel is coming, and that it’s being written by the guy that wrote Green Lantern. I kind of have to take a deep breath and try not to push my hand into an open flame whenever that comes up. While some fans of the original will definitely be on board, because that’s what fandom is all about, others will stay away, not wanting to witness a potential insult to a beloved sci-fi classic. Actress Sean Young, however, might be avoiding the film for an altogether different reason, as she tells Entertainment Weekly that if she doesn’t make it into the sequel, everyone should boycott it. Given this was a written interview rather than a video one, it isn’t clear just how far into her cheek her tongue is. But she sounds like she means it.

When asked if she was involved, she said, “Alcon — they’re the ones that own it and apparently they have Ridley to direct it — and when I met with them they didn’t make any offer/plans to include me. And when I called Ridley Scott’s office, he doesn’t call me back. So I guess they’re going to go, like, prequel, or…I don’t know what they’re going to do.” And if the film is indeed a prequel, which isn’t official or anything especially given Harrison Ford’s possible inclusion, it would make sense that Young wouldn’t be able to reprise her role as the cigarette smoking replicant Rachael. But if it is indeed a sequel that allows for the original actors to com back, then why not include her? While we have no answer for that, we do know that Young wants everyone to leave this movie behind if she isn’t involved.

“But my official opinion is that, if they don’t include me in it, everybody should boycott it,” she told EW. “Because it’s stupid not to have me in it. It’s really stupid. That’s my opinion! I mean, you try to tell people something sensible in Hollywood and sometimes they just don’t listen, you know. And they usually pay the price, too, because everybody’s an expert.”

I have to wonder if she’s saying this in response to singer Katy Perry’s outlandish desire to take over the role, which would definitely cause a boycott for some fans. Again, Perry’s involvement would make arguable sense if it was a prequel, but dammit, we just don’t know if that’s the case yet.

Incidentally, you can catch Young in the upcoming horror film Jug Face, which is getting much more acclaim than its name might imply, at least for a low-budget horror.

How do you guys feel about this? Are you all about a sequel? Are you all about a prequel? Does Young’s involvement matter? Tell us after you watch the film’s original trailer.


  1. fluctuationofthepupil says:

    Blade Runner is probably my favorite film of all time. That being said, with the news of its terrible writer, I am going to pretend this new Blade Runner film doesn’t exist.

    • Stan says:

      I hear Lindelof is free,what a epic team he and Scott would make—Oh,wait– I forgot about Promethius

  2. 玻璃卢克 says:

    It’s too bad she didn’t live

  3. Newk Yuler says:

    I sat through Blade Runner again with some friends recently and did some looking around the web to see how bad off Sean Young is these days. She managed to get herself on Letterman a couple of years ago for no reason other than an apparent desperate attempt to jump start her acting career (look on Youtube). Letterman must have felt sorry for her to have her on. Around the same period of time she was an inmate of Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew for alcoholism. She admitted she made bad decisions about her career and talked of Hollywood’s “indictment” of her and how her confidence was nearly gone. People too easily call her “bat shit crazy” but I tend to think her head just doesn’t work properly to allow her to operate like a normal human being and it gets her in trouble. This new EW interview is typical of the way her head works. Any interview you see of her throughout the years she sounds as if she’s not all there. I really feel sorry for her. All she can get now are small character parts in TV and cheap movies which is probably where she belongs.

    I’ll bet you won’t have to worry about who writes the script for the sequel. It will probably get 2 or 3 rewrites by others before they settle on the final and then Ridley will change things on the fly as the movie gets made.

  4. chuckpercival says:

    First of all sequel or prequel, unless Sean Young looks as she did in 82, it would be hard for her to be in it as a replicant as they weren’t designed to age. I would see Katy Perry looking more the part of a young Sean Young the Sean Young would! 😉
    Besides, doesn’t S.Y. have a bit of a rep as a pain in the ass in the business? I don’t see that improving with age!

  5. Deftelect says:

    But she’s ooooold!