Sci-Fi Cancellation Watch: What’s Alive, What’s Dead, And What’s Brand New

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upfronts-2014The five major broadcast networks are set to deliver their “upfronts” in New York this week, an annual event where the networks get to show off their new fall and mid-season series to advertisers and press. We get to find out which shows will survive another season, which won’t, and what new things we’ll be watching later this year. And because we here at GFR love making your life easier, we’ve broken down the genre-related canceled/renewed/brand new announcements by network. If you need a sign to protest the death of Almost Human, you can have some of our posterboard.

While GFR’s primary focus is on science fiction, we’re including news about a few noteworthy shows that don’t fit within that genre, but which will likely be of interest to many of you. Let’s get to it!

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  1. Mark Woodhead says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Fox should be banned from even attempting to air anything sci-fi or cutting edge. Their execs are about as cutting edge in their understanding of good sci-fi as an under-inflated beach ball. Leave the promising series to some network that actually has some vision and not just a bunch of bean-counters in a dark room.

  2. Frank Tesch says:

    You also forgot that they are bringing back heroes to NBC

  3. skeets11 says:

    Revolution had a scattershot story-line, but I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I am much more upset about Almost Human. It was smartly written and a new concept, which was too much for the average 79IQ TV viewer and Fox executive.