Don’t Miss These New Sci Fi Shows Airing January 2016

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new xfilesHave you checked out what on the slate for TV this month? Looks like we’ve got several new sci fi shows hitting the air, as well as new seasons of a few old favorites. If you’re looking for something awesome to watch this January, we’ve got a few options for you to consider.


second chance fox
This show airs on FOX starting January 13th. When I first caught a preview for this one, I thought they were doing some sort of adaptation of the old Kevin Bacon movie Flatliners. But, that is not the case here.

Instead, we have a 75-year-old disgraced police officer who dies but it brought back to life by two rich crazy scientist twins, or something like that. They use cell regeneration technology to accomplish this, which is something they’ve been experimenting with. But here’s the catch – the guy comes back younger and with bionic strength. Oh, and he needs regular treatment from them in order to actually stay alive.


Yup, your favorite duo is back on the air this month. You can watch this one when it starts on FOX on January 24th. Note that the second episode airs the following night.

In total, there are six episodes where you can catch Mulder and Scully. I know, not nearly enough! And if you’ve never seen the show, you have nine TV seasons and two films to catch up on between now and the 24th!


The second season featuring the bombastic Agent Carter hits our TVs this month. It airs on ABC starting on January 19th.

If you missed season one, or just want to rewatch them, then you’ll have to buy them. Unfortunately, they’re not streaming anywhere right now for free. Check out the DVD or streaming episodes on Amazon.


If you’re a comic book fan, then you won’t want to miss out on this new CW show. This spinoff from The CW’s Arrow and The Flash starts airing on January 24th. Personally, I’m really exciting about this one because – time travel! Woo hoo!

If you don’t watch Arrow and The Flash, don’t worry. It’s not required to know what’s going on here.

THE 100

the 100
Season 3 of this CW show starts airing this month, so you’ll wanna get caught up if you’re not already there. The new season starts on January 31st and I can’t wait to see what Clarke and the gang get into this season!

Right now, you can find seasons one and two streaming on Netflix. Or, buy them from Amazon.


Here we’ve got another entry for the comic book fans. The show is based on the Lucifer character created by Neil Gaiman for The Sandman. And, it airs on FOX starting on January 25th.

The show starts with the setting of Los Angeles, which makes me nostalgic for the Angel series. One important thing to note is that this show airs after the second episode of The X-Files.

Which of these new shows are you most excited about this month?


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