The Rock Rumored To Have A Green Power Ring In His Future

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RockStewartMarvel has pulled off something many would have dismissed as impossible not that long ago — they’ve created a cohesive cinematic universe that weaves throughout individual films and brings the heroes together for the big-screen Avengers team-ups. With Marvel’s grand experiment raking in billions at the box office, it’s no surprise that their Distinguished Competition — DC Comics — is trying to play catch-up, beginning with last summer’s Man of Steel, and continuing in the upcoming sequel to that film. Now a rumor is circulating that actor/wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might be joining the DC cinematic universe, and that hopefully he’ll look good in green.

The rumor mill began churning when Johnson tweeted the following last week.

That’s the sort of thing that’s going to stir up all manner of speculation, and sure enough ThinkMcFlyThink’s Peter Georgiou soon dumped some fuel on the fire by suggesting that Johnson might be wielding a power ring as a Green Lantern…but not the most well-known one.

That’s a long, long way from actual confirmation, but neither is it particularly far-fetched. Man of Steel 2 — or Superman vs. Batman, or whatever the hell they eventually call it — is already confirmed to include DC’s big three, Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), and Wonder Woman (Gal Gidot). There are also rumors that former Batman apprentice Nightwing might show up, or super-speedster the Flash, even if only in cameo form. Adding a Green Lantern to the mix certainly wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility. Moreover, introducing Stewart would help distance the new movies from the earlier Green Lantern film, which starred Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. Introducing a Green Lantern would also give the next DC movie some epic scale, perhaps setting the stage for a cosmic-level badass like Darkseid to appear in some future Justice League movie, just as the Marvel movies are teasing the eventual conflict with Thanos.

And even though it pre-dates the success of Man of Steel and DC’s grand cinematic plan, Johnson himself had previously hinted that he might have had some discussions about the role of Stewart. Back in May of 2012, Johnson replied cryptically to one Twitter follower’s suggestion that he would make a great John Stewart.

Of course, Johnson might be up for a different DC character entirely. Many jumped on the possibility that Johnson might once again be looking into playing the cigar-chewing alien mercenary/bounty hunter Lobo. As recently as 2012, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island director Brad Peyton was developing a Lobo film, and Johnson — who was Peyton’s Journey 2 leading man — confirmed in a tweet that Peyton wanted him to play the so-called Main Man.

However, not much has been heard about the Lobo film since then, and the project would almost certainly have changed in light of DC’s attempts to form their own connected cinematic universe. Even if they do want a Lobo movie at some point, it seems unlikely that they’d pick that character for a solo film in the first wave of their big-screen universe-building. Then again, Marvel looking more and more like they’re going to pull off Guardians of the Galaxy, an equally weird and obscure property, so who knows?

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Johnson as a Green Lantern, or possibly riding around on a space Harley?


  • Wellthissucks

    All old comments. Like 6 months old. Couldn’t find anything new to post? Come on, man…

  • Astralith

    Nope… IDRIS ALBA. Why have a muscle guy play a role that doesn’t use muscle? Astralith thinks The Rock should be CYBORG.

    • wat

      wat agrees.

    • AL

      I agree with Idris Alba making a better John Stewart but i hope cyborg NEVER makes it to the big screen. He should not even be in the justice league. He’s a teen titan at best.

      • free

        wesley snipes as john stewart

    • Jen Peters

      I concur with Idris Elba as John Stewart. But if Mr. Rock played Lobo, that would give me a massive lady boner.

  • Astralith
  • AL

    The Rock should be Lobo or Black Adam ! He’s way too yoked out to be John Stewart, not to mention that john stewart is the worst freakin lantern of all time !! That includes Gnort.

  • wat

    No. The Rock should either be Martian Manhunter or Cyborg. As MM, he’d look great in full makeup/CGI and I can see his voice working well if he made it monotone and emotionless. For Cyborg, I’d rather a (more) black character play him, for obvious reasons (The Rock is too racially ambiguous) but if that was his role, I wouldn’t be mad at all. He’d do a great job and his size would give the makeup team, the effects team, and the costume designers lots of room to work with, thus making the android prosthetics look absolutely amazing.

    Idris Elba is the ONLY actor who should be casted as John Stewart. Just look at him. He IS John Stewart.

  • AL

    I really hope that if they do use John Stewart that The Rock does play him. Maybe he can actually make the character interesting for a change.

  • Harrier1

    The Rock should play Capt. Marvel shazaam!

    • Harrier1

      Capt. Marvel or even better Wildcat!

  • miranda

    Denzel washington should play john stewart green lantern. The rock was born to play black adam or darkseid

  • DJL

    I think he should go TOTAL green and be the Martian Manhunter :)

  • https://twitter.com/TaBurchett Tim Burchett

    How about the Rock as… SGT Rock

  • brNdon

    Kevin Durand for Lobo all the way!

  • zubalove

    He’s physically wrong for the role, but he’d actually capture Guy Gardner’s personality pretty well. Much better than John Stewart. Wow. The more I think about this, the more I like the Rock as Gardner.