Robocop Remake May Add Edward Norton And Sean Penn

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The upcoming Robocop remake has been the center of high-profile casting rumors from the get-go. Before finally announcing that the lead role of doomed cop Alex Murphy would be played by The Killing‘s Joel Kinnaman, the buzz was that the role could go to actors such as Michael Fassbender or Russell Crowe. The producers may have their Robocop, but the casting rumors continue. According to a rumor posted at The Tracking Board, Edward Norton and Sean Penn may be considering roles in the film.

Norton would reportedly be taking on the role of Robocop’s creator – appropriately enough, a guy named “Norton.” The producers want Penn to play a right-wing news reporter named Novack, which would definitely cast the actor against type. While Norton and Penn are the two most high-profile of this round of rumors, The Tracking Board also says that Gael Garcia Bernal and Rebecca Hall are being considered for roles. Bernal would play Murphy’s partner, Jack, and Hall would play Murphy’s wife, Clara.

The new Robocop is scheduled to begin patrolling the streets on August 9, 2013, directed by José Padhila. While the basic story remains the same as the 1987 original – a cop is mortally wounded in the line of duty, then resurrected as a cyborg super-cop – the remake is definitely trying to tackle it from different angles. Padhila has pointed to modern unmanned drone technology as a touchstone for the direction he wants to take the story. Last December, he told Bleeding Cool, “What if a drone goes wrong — who is to blame then? Do you blame the drone? And that problem asks if you can you consider a robot guilty of a crime. Or is it the corporation that made the robot that is guilty?”

Oddly enough, the drone comparison was also made recently by the director of the Short Circuit remake. Clearly, Hollywood has drones on the brain.


  1. Chris Paris says:

    I think the creators are trying to over-think ROBOCOP. They are more interested in existential and legal questions surrounding the creation of a cybernetic weapon than the activities of a… you know, .. ROBOT COP. This sounds like another case of someone using an existing title to sell an entirely different film, so they don’t have to work at getting an audience. Will be nice if they pull if off, but it won’t be Robocop.

  2. Brian Marshall says:

    Yet another remake of a movie that does not need to be remade.  Hollywood, just stop with the useless remakes, please.

  3. Leave 
    Sean Penn out of it. Please..Thank you..Or better yet.. Leave TMNT alone, along with Robo Cop…I would not buy this movie for a Dollar. 

  4. EvilCrown says:

    I dont have problem watching any remake as long as its good

  5. Echelon says:

    Isn’t remaking films, one of those things that we bemoan in regards to copyright law?  Like don’t ppl talk about if star wars could be made better, or have movies based in that universe, but it wont happen due to copyright infringement?  I know that maybe RoboCop isn’t necessarily a movie ppl have in mind on that issue, but wouldn’t remakes like this be encouraged so that maybe one day, the movie that gets remade is one that needed it?