Robert Pattinson Would Play Jar Jar Binks In A Heartbeat

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Who likes Jar Jar Binks? Even among the few Star Wars fans you encounter who don’t hate the bumbling Gungan, no one actually likes him. Right? Well, apparently George Lucas’ greatest mistake has at least one fan: Twilight star, and depressed teenage vampire, Robert Pattinson.

Jar Jar don’t sparkle.

Given the advent of a new trilogy of Star Wars movies, everyone in Hollywood has been asked if they’d like to participate, and R-Pats is no exception. Asked if he’d accept a role in any future excursions to a galaxy far, far away, he replied, “In Star Wars? Oh, absolutely. In a heartbeat.”

Here’s where things get interesting, and a little sad. As a follow-up question, he was asked, even if the character he was asked to play is Jar Jar?

His response is disheartening for any grown-ass adult. He said, “I actually kind of like Jar Jar. I don’t understand what the big deal is about Jar Jar.”


At least then Jar Jar wouldn’t be an obnoxious, vaguely racist caricature. Sure, a mopey, messy-haired naval-gazer isn’t that much better, but in this case it’s hard to get any worse. You know he wants be a taken seriously as an actor. After all, he did star in David Cronenberg’s tedious adaptation of Don Delillo’s Cosmopolis earlier this year. If that doesn’t scream, “Won’t somebody take me seriously, pretty, pretty please?” I don’t know what does.

Can you imagine what playing Jar Jar Binks, combined with his sparkly vampire dreamboat, would do to that quest for acting legitimacy? It’s enough to make you laugh out loud.


  1. bhak1 says:

    Pattison is actually not a bad actor. My girlfriend convinced me to watch Twilight with her and as bad as it was I can honestly say that this guy shows some potential and was probably the best thing in the film.

    As far as Jar Jar… ehhh… I can see the point he makes to some extent. What is the big deal? Is he annoying? Yes, but even with out him Episode I would have sucked and perhaps sucked even more. As far as the racism thing? Ehh… I understand why people say that but I think it’s a bit reactionary. Lucas seemed to have imagined the Gungans filling a role in Naboo society similar to what native Africans or Indians did in British South Africa and the British Raj not to mentioned other colonial situations. He wanted his kid friendly, comic relief Jar Jar character to speak a “creole/patois/pidgen basic” to allude to this. Ahmed Best came in and did his goofy Afro-Caribbean bumbling Barney take on it and Lucas thought kids would love it (and most kids and many non hardcore-fan women in fact do like the character). I have no doubt the Lucas let alone the African-American Best meant any harm in creating the character but it was in fact very poorly executed. So yes, it is understandable that people hate the character and think it’s a racist portrayal but they probably shouldn’t (that is shouldn’t view him as some sort of hate crime… they can hate his obnoxiousness all they want!)

  2. I like Jar Jar, and I dont agree with the supposed racist angle of the character. He’s just the comedic effect guy, and cute! And oh yeah – he’s in a fictional story about a different planet in a far away galaxy. And do we now not acknowledge certain patterns in empirical history ? I kind of find it inspiring – he helped save them after all – he changed minds in a society. So I like him.