Riddick Killed Something Big To Make This Staff, New Image From The Sequel

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The new Riddick movie (which really needs to settle on a permanent title) is out there somewhere in an editing bay and Vin Diesel is so excited about he he continues to release new images from the film. This one may be the weirdest yet. Take a look…

I’m not sure if Riddick actually killed something and ripped out its bones to make a walking stick, or if its just something he found lying around. If it was anyone else I’d assume it’s a found item, but with Riddick you never know.

The image comes from Vin’s Facebook where he offers no explanation. I’m not sure how you’d explain this anyway.


  1. Rhys-Michael says:

    I can explain or at least caption the photo– pudgy, vaguely-gay dude with a shaved head finds a huge femur and looks for a place to bury it. It’s an old story…dog meets bone.

  2. It’s the Alien that Rick Santorum has had hidden all these years.

  3. Mark says:

    ugh…. please stop Vin. The original Pitch Black was a masterpiece and the sequel was the biggest piece of crap to come out ever. Don’t continue to tarnish the legacy of Pitch Black.