The Question That Must Never Be Answered Will Be Answered: Doctor Who?

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Steven Moffat has just announced that the millions of adoring Doctor fans will finally find out the truth about the man many have been following since the days of black and white. And what better time to reveal the Doctor’s name than the series’ fiftieth anniversary, coming up in 2013.

Moffat baits listeners at the San Diego Comic-Con by saying that the titular question, “Doctor Who?” is “tremendously important” and follows it up enigmatically (and rather smugly) with “And only I know why.”

Moffat, with his usual expert circumlocution, gives no further details as to when and how the question of the Doctor’s name will be answered. All we have to speculate with is the prophecy uttered by Dorium Maldovar (or rather, his sentient severed head): “On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, a question will be asked – one that must never be answered. And Silence will (or must) fall when the question is asked.” According to the Teselecta, it is also “The first question; the oldest question in the universe. Hidden in plain sight.”

Just one more obvious detail that we lesser beings have missed.

But if this question is finally answered, could it spell not only the doom of the silence, but also of the show? The fact that the Doctor does not have a name is a driving force behind the series; a mystery that, for many Who-fans, is on the same scale of how gravity works. Revealing the name seems like a very J.K.-Rowling-trying-to-satisfy-everyone-in-the-universe-by-writing-a-godawful-unnecessary-epilogue sort of thing to do.

So when exactly is the day of reckoning? “You’ll see.”

Watch the full interview below:


  1. Terry Cooper says:

    His name will be revealed as Doktahoo. Or maybe not.

  2. mcpeterson says:

    NOOOOOOOO. It must never be answered, nooo nooo nooo. It would ruin the joke of the title, its too good.

  3. nathanielessex says:

    I am only a new Doctor Who fan, but i feel that the question should never be answered. The Doctor, is his name, and is the only name needed

  4. Chris Healey says:

    Proberly want be the right answer anyway. Rule number one the doctor lies. He always finds a way around it like in the last series about his death. Unless we overhear it when he tells Riversong. Since she is the only one else alive that knows it.

  5. netfiend007 says:

    I’m betting he’ll be one of the first Time Lords. dare I say The first

  6. Tall says:

    He’s called Bob. Oops, I wasn’t supposed to tell…

  7. Shockeye says:

    They already revealed his name. Long time ago in one of the comic books. Just can’t remember what it was exactly. Something to do with Greek lettering.

  8. Anam says:

    His name is alien. It’s obviously Glork.

  9. Deadatomic says:

    well throughout the years he has used various pseudonyms such as Dr Caligari, Doctor Bowman and Doctor Von Wer, i am going to spend the next day or two going through all my old comics, annuals and fiction that i have on a search to see if anything is hidden anywhere i might of missed, if i do find something i will post it here.

  10. dr.whofan1985 says:

    well, in an episode, many years ago in the original series.. he was asked his real name and he stated something like “my real name is uncomprehending and unpronounceable in your tongue” or something to that effect.. aand it would surely spoil the whole thing if you found out his real name, time lords never reveal their birth names.. it is not their style. “fall of the eleventh” obviously indicates to the death of the 11th doctor to make way for the 12th, obviously 🙂

  11. there are many questions in this universe. Some of them are best unanswered. The Doctor’s name is one of those questions.

  12. The Master says:

    Doctor Who? 42. No that doesn’t work…

  13. Shivam Gupta says:

    what if everyone is taking the question wrong? what if it is not about his name – “Doctor Who?” but something like “doctor who,” as in doctor who broke the promise.

  14. katelyn says:

    youre a fucking dumbass