Prometheus Deleted Scenes Reveal Deeper Character Moments

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Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was one of the most polarizing movies of the summer. Ridley Scott’s prequel to his 1979 film, Alien, was met with harsh criticism from sci-fi fans who were expecting something more cut and dry. Arguably, Ridley Scott did deliver something more, but audiences weren’t willing to overlook plot holes and questionable character motivations.

With the release of Prometheus on Blu-ray and DVD drawing ever close, many of those skeptics may get the answers they’ve been looking for. The release is due to hit stores everywhere and online on October 9th, but JoBlo.com has 14 minutes of deleted scenes that may shed light on the world of Prometheus. Check ’em out:

It’s cool to see some extra character moments between Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) and Captain Janek (Idris Elba), and to find out why the Engineer decapitated David (Michael Fassbender) and killed Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), but these aren’t likely to change any naysayers’ minds about the film.

It feels like Scott wanted to make Prometheus ambiguous by nature rather than just feeding the audience with dialogue that explains the whole movie. Perhaps, with time, Prometheus may be seen like Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, a film that was polarizing at the time of its release but has found an audience on home video in the years since.

More importantly, Prometheus’ ideas work despite the film’s flaws. Ridley Scott is trying to get at something bigger with an origin story than merely explaining the events that led up to where we find the crew of the Nostromo at the beginning of Alien. For Ridley Scott it’s not important to explain how, it’s more important to show why.


  1. JessSayin says:

    Sad that these clips are better than the whole of the movie itself. I waited 33 years for a movie that has more plot holes than a cheese grater. Sh_t!

  2. stzzla says:

    The plot holes will be dealt with in a sequel. Sheesh. When did people get like this?

  3. stzzla says:

    It reminds me of when star wars clone wars came out. Everybody knew there was going to be 3 movies but they pissed and moaned after the 2nd movie cos it didnt make sense. Thats because the third movie made sense out of it. Now will people please stop pissing and whining and wait patiently for the sequel? You’ll get your damn “plot holes” answered.

  4. Big J says:

    Your missing a deleted scene, the one that includes Shaw talking to David’s head who then explains a bit of the Engineer’s murderous rampage.