Primeval: New World Trailer Has Dinosaurs, Giant Snakes, And A Flamethrower

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If you’re a fan of the British series Primeval, or think you might enjoy a show about time-space anomalies spitting dinosaurs out all over the place, we may have just the solution for you. The original Primeval has crossed the pond and spawned a North American spin-off, appropriately entitled Primeval: New World. From the looks of this new trailer for the series, it looks like we can expect…well, pretty much the same stuff as in Primeval, but with slightly fewer British accents.

New World is a Canadian production, and will supposedly be “older, darker and scarier” than its parent series. That will include an “all new team… of animal experts and scientists who investigate the appearance of temporal anomalies and battle both prehistoric and futuristic creatures.” Aside from sticking with the same general concept as the original Primeval, the spin-off is also carrying over one cast member, Andrew-Lee Potts who plays Connor. Cultbox says he’ll only guest star, though, so the focus will remain on the new crew. I’m also pretty sure I saw Eureka‘s Colin Ferguson in that trailer too. Makes sense: they’re both Canadian productions and Eureka is over.

Primeval: New World will air this fall on the British channel Watch, but so far there’s no date for it here in the States. We’ll let you know if/when that changes.


  1. …Well, that looked awful.

  2. It kinda looks like it is set in the same universe as Eureka. I mean it has two of main actors from it, and one plays a simular role, maybe even the same one. IDK i am stoked for this.

  3. Stan says:

    I just hope they don’t copy the original word for word like they do with alot of good english shows.They don’t seem to realize we get to see the originals through different medea ,then we get to see an american copy that doesn’t even try to be different.They did that with “Being Human” alot,the original was good,the copy is just that a copy, but with different people.Sometimes they even seem to use the same scripts,it’s cheap to do but really a waste.

  4. Marie Koepp says:

    Loved the original until they kept changing it, if they will at least let us become invested in characters without getting rid of them or time changing them maybe it will be good.
    Did they even finish off the original one? I remember a lot of loose ends and then nothing.