Norman Reedus Says To Bring Your Kleenex For The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale

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Walking DeadIt doesn’t air until March 29, and we still have a few episodes to get through between now and then, but there’s already been a great deal of talk about the season 5 finale of AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead. We know that it’s going to be a super-sized episode, clocking in at 90 minutes instead of the standard 60. That’s a lot of space to cram in heartbreaking deaths and stressful cliffhangers, and if star Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, is to be believed, it’s going to leave some of you traumatized.

He recently stopped by Entertainment Tonight and answered questions from Walking Dead fans. When asked what to expect from the season finale, he replied with, “Wow, bring your Kleenex, and you’ll be screaming at your television.”

That sounds about right for a show that seems to delight in shocking viewers by killing off one beloved character after another, or two in a row in season 5. Some take this statement to mean that Daryl himself might be next up on the chopping block (the series does like to mark big moments with major character deaths).

It’s certainly possible. Producers and creators have routinely made sure to remind you that no one is safe, and Robert Kirkman has specifically pointed out Daryl in these statements, though it’s usually in a joking manner. From the synopsis that came out a bit ago, we know that “Daryl finds himself in trouble while out on the run.” While that sounds ominous, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not long for this world. As we’ve seen over the years, he’s pretty good at getting out of sticky situations. That’s kind of his jam.

This isn’t the first time Reedus has warned fans of impending tragedy. Before the midseason finale, which, of course, saw a tragic death, he had similar things to say, and we all know how that turned out. That episode punched you in the stomach, and the midseason premiere showed up to kick you while you were down, just for good measure.

We’ll have to wait until March 29 to see what The Walking Dead has in store for the season 5 finale, but you can rest assured it’s going to be memorable. Until then, however, we still episodes to get through-there are bound to be some surprises in store-and you can check out this promo for this Sunday’s installment, “Forget,” which follows hot on the heel of an episode titled “Remember.”

So what do you think? Is Daryl the one who is on his way out, or do you think Reedus is talking in a more general sense?


  1. Harry says:

    I would rather see Rick gone than Daryl. My guess is Carl will meet his mom.

  2. Shayde says:

    If you read the comics… a certain regular will see his head bashed in mighty soon.

    • linda garris says:

      Nooooooooo. They could change it like theyve done w othets. Like alexandria is run by a man,mika and.sis died,dale instead of hershel then hetshel instead of tyreese and bob instead of Dale. Lots of twists while sticking to story. Glen has had two bat scenes. Kirkman and Scott screwing w us,i hope. Noah going to another series,so maybe Noah. Id bet on darryl til the end.rick still alive in comic,idk whete they go w his story.will darryl or carl take over and do negan scenes.omg,i get mad at stuff and things,but i love this show.no other scripted series worth my time.

    • ClannibalFTW says:

      The comics are wayyyy different from the show, in terms of character death and personality really. Carol was not supposed to be this badass and Tyreese not so gentle. Not that I’m complaining. The show is better really. As much as I’d like to see Rick missing an arm lol

  3. Orcus says:

    Maybe the kleenex comment was in reference to Reedus licking someone


  4. linda garris says:

    Omg,Rick is the story.the comic is rick and carl.anyway they wont kill Darryl. He may take pla e of character named Jesus in comic. Jesus is a bad ass and darryl like character. Cause no one is cleaning up darryl. Hes always looked like this. Zombie apocalypse is his world.as beth said he’ll b the ladt man standing rick is alive but weak and worn out in comic. So at some point,but not for next three yrs..it would ruin whole story. We will lose noah,abe,rosita and even michonne,damn it,as well as eugene, carol,omg stop.. rick,carl maggie,darryl and pls writers glen survive. I will start a Korean riot if u kill him. Hes our first korean actor success story on a series. And hes a great actor. Pls dont kill him.cant we have one couple who makes it. We know the gay couple doesn’t make it too long but probably til end of six. U have to give us something

  5. Nick Morales says:

    It’s either going to be Michonne, Carol or Glenn. They’re the only ones that would get that kind of response. Daryl is being set up for future story arcs, Rick is the leader so they are safe. No one would care if anyone else died, at least not in the way they would of Rick, Michonne, Carol, Glenn or Daryl died.

    • derpwad says:

      Darryl is being set up as the new leader once Rick is killed off. Which would be a shame, because when will we get more overly dramatic staring contests and Coral jokes from?