Nicolas Cage In A Superman Suit Needs No Descriptive Headline

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Superman has no place here on Giant Freakin’ Robot, even though he is an alien, and Bizarro Superman was spectacular. So that’s why this story isn’t about Zack Snyder or Man of Steel or the Justice League movie. We have our own summer blockbusters with hyper-contextualized sub-information to obsess over. However, this involves Nicolas Cage, a person upon whom science fiction often seems to be entirely based.

This is quite the rare image from…Oh fuck it. Just look at it! Look at it!


This is the first shot of Cage in the previously unseen test suit from the iller-than-ill-fated Superman Lives from the mid ’90s. It’s one of those rare non-films that has taken on a life of its own due to the increasingly bizarre parameters that producer Jon Peters was insisting screenwriter Kevin Smith — that guy — to add to the script. Big spiders. No flying. Brainiac fights a bear. Hey, Brainiac would have been a perfect reason to include this movie on this site. As well, Nic Cage as Superman. Peters said tomato, and everyone else said havoc-wreaking bullshit. It might just be because it’s in black and white, and because he hadn’t yet run from bees in The Wicker Man, but this has got to be the best bit of pre-production material from this flick yet.

A Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary delving into the sordid history of Superman Lives has been set up by Jon Schnepp, whose has directed episodes of Upright Citizens Brigade and Metalocalypse, as well as doing animation design for the latter and several other shows. Check out the video below. Donate. Let somebody else tell these stories instead of Kevin Smith on stage.


  1. Kyle says:

    Looks like a carbon copy of a Michael Keaton-era Batman suit.

  2. Dan says:

    You’re lying to yourself if you say you don’t enjoy Nicholas Cage. There are things to indulge in both his brilliant performances and terrible onces. Leaving Las Vegas to Wickerman.

  3. Eddie Boot says:

    I really like Nicholas Cage and his movies, like the comment below, he does have some brilliant performances. But even in the bad ones, there’s still something to enjoy. City of Angels is one of his sleeper cell hits, I enjoyed that movie when I was kid. But Superman? Yea, he is NOT a good Superman, glad this Cage movie never seen the light of day.

  4. Perhaps no one wants to discuss this because he’s now the most powerful man in Hollywood apparently, but J.J. Abrams submitted a Superman script. You can find it online, read it, and know that J.J. is terrible. Abrams does not have the talent to be a top movie storyteller. Please, go find his Superman script where the twist at the end is Lex Luthor is from Krypton, has been hiding his powers for years, and fights Kal-El at the end of the script.