Neill Blomkamp Was Working On An Alien Movie, Check Out This Concept Art

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Blomkamp AlienNeill Blomkamp has a history of ambitious projects that don’t quite pan out. He’s delivered movies like District 9 and Elysium, and his robot-themed outsider story Chappie opens up this year, but there was also that big studio adaptation of Halo that never came together, among others. It looks like we can add another potentially awesome film to the pile of things that will never happen, as Blomkamp was apparently working on an Alien movie (in what capacity we’re not sure), and recently posted some concept art from the abandoned project.

Blomkamp shared this art and information on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, and while he was definitely working on something, it doesn’t appear that this was anything that was ever going to happen, or anything that involved the studio in any way. In fact, it seems like he was just doing this for kicks, and in that regard this feels like fan art. But really awesome fan art. I don’t entirely know what’s going on, but I like what I see.

Blomkamp AlienI have no idea if this was something Blomkamp was putting together to pitch, if this was just a whim he was tinkering with for fun, or if he even had a story in mind. If so, it looks like whatever his idea, it was set after James Cameron’s Aliens, but in a world where David Fincher’s Alien 3 never happened. In one piece, you get a look at Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley with Michael Biehn’s Hicks, who appears to be very much alive after getting impaled in the chest. That was disappointing for many fans, and Biehn who was down to reprise his role, but who knows what narrative trick Blomkamp had in store to bring him back.

Blomkamp AlienWhatever the plan, Blomkamp writes that is “Woulda rocked,” and that this “Was a mental stroll into the world Ridley Scott created,” adding “I just feel like I might do something else instead.” In response to one commenter, he said, “Fox never said no,” which furthers the idea that this was something he was working on in private.

Blomkamp AlienThings were obviously getting pretty nuts in Blomkamp’s Alien, as you can tell in this image that looks like a Ripley/Xenomorph hybrid, also a little like Scorpius from Farscape. Blomkamp did get the chance to work with Weaver, though outside of the confines of the Alien universe, as she appears in his upcoming Chappie alongside the likes of Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel, and South African rap-rave duo Die Antwoord. That film opens everywhere March 6.

Blomkamp Alien
Blomkamp Alien
Blomkamp Alien
Blomkamp Alien


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