NBC Turns Out The Lights On Revolution, For A While

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In the wake of all of this Star Wars hullabaloo and excitement, here’s a bit of a kick in the groin to bring sci-fi fans back to Earth. NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama Revolution is going away, a least for a little while.

After the show finishes its currently scheduled run in November, it will go on a four-month hiatus, and will not return until March 25th of next year. Revolution is one of the network’s few bona fide hits. Averaging around nine million viewers, the show has performed well in the valuable 18 – 49-year-old demographic.

Given the ratings, it’s a no-brainer to bring the show back, but here’s my big concern. Revolution is still a relatively new and unknown commodity. A run through November is really just enough time for fans to build a strong connection to the characters and a genuine interest in the plot and story. Taking four months off—which is longer than the show will have been on the air by that point—just gives an already fickle television audience time to forget about it.

Hardcore fans and sci-fi specialists will come back for sure, but will casual fans come back as well? This has happened to countless shows before, including genre offerings like V, FlashForward, and The Event. None of those had the initial ratings of Revolution, but that worry is difficult to look past. It is a move more likely to drive viewers away than build up anticipation for the return to a fever pitch.

There’s no official reason for the delay given in the press release, but Revolution was only initially given an order for a partial season. This was recently expanded to a full season, so you have to wonder if the postponement is to allow them to film more episodes.


  1. Jacob Wilde says:

    One show that also comes to mind is Jericho. While the show was popular in its first half run, after a writers strike the show dropped to 9 million viewers, including the online viewers, but was eventually cancelled. If history repeats itself, Revolution will be done after the 1st season

    • Shay Mason says:

      Actually, Jericho was canceled after the first season. It was an online fan movement sending tons of peanuts to CBS in New York that resulted in a short second season. But then they canceled it again when the ratings never improved. Firefly is another perfect example.

  2. Paul Roberts says:

    Brand new show, Build up an audience, Give it a break, It’s doomed !
    Could be a big mistake considering it’s only just started.

  3. George Jones says:

    You have to wonder just how committed NBC is to a show they h hyped the hell out of to initially only order a partial season. I think this shows why they have problems keeping shows.

  4. Debbie Vega says:

    I quit the show very early on, but WTF is wrong with NBC? How many times has a show gone on hiatus only to lose a big portion of the audience when it comes back? This is especially true of serialized shows.

    • Bill Cowell says:

      The cable companies do it as well. It drives me insane. They will have a great show and only make 12 episodes a year or split them up over almost year like the current Breaking Bad season. Then they will be the first one to drop a show at the fisrt sign of ratings weakness.

  5. Well obviously they don’t wanna continue airing it right now because they’re worried about offending those who lost power due to Sandy.

  6. zirtoc says:

    I personally couldn’t get into Revolution, but geez NBC, try getting behind a show for once so it can last more than a season.

  7. If the episodes are good enough, viewers will return. Sherlock has only done 6 episodes in two year and people are still excited for series 3.

    • That’s a great point. If it’s good, people will watch, break or no. The Walking Dead has had a break in every season so far, and will again this year, and people still keep coming back for more.

  8. Dheep' says:

    Yup , real smart nbc (you don’t deserve caps anymore) .

  9. stargater says:

    It’s a good show, something different for adults to watch. I hope they don’t kill it, there aren’t a lot of options for us
    non reality tv watchers.

  10. Daniel says:

    I’m sick and tired of NBC’s way of doing things with there series. They only look at the short term results. They don’t commit and let things develop. Hey NBC. Mythological Shows like Star Trek TNG would have never survived if it would have been aired by NBC. Commit to something and let it live.

    • Bill Cowell says:

      The only shows in a recent NBC history to have such a break are Seinfeld and 30 Rock. Had it not been for the juggernaut of Jerry Seinfeld and his production people or Lorne Michael’s considerable juice at NBC, both shows would have died a fast death. Another one to go into that mix was Cheers. It had a miserble first year, but held on to become a hit.

  11. corrosivepress says:

    Put a fork in “Revolution,” it’s done. First, it wasn’t a bona fide “hit.” It did well in the ratings for NBC, but nothing compared what the network likely expected (and probably sold to advertisers). That means buy-backs. Add promotional cost, etc., and we are not talking a large profit margin there. Second, this ain’t the “Sopranos” or “The Walking Dead” where viewers are willing to wait months for the next new episode. NBC will likely air what has already been produced, and quietly call it a day. It didn’t crack the top total 25 the week of 10/21. Networks don’t stop airing if it sees clear potential in a new show (You don’t see CBS putting “Elementary” on a break). Last, though I didn’t like the show — I don’t necessarily agree with NBC’s decision. Though I understand it. The Network TV pie has gotten real small over the years. And the days when networks (usually based on an executive risking his/her job and reputation) backs a so-so rated show until it becomes a big hit (aka: “Seinfeld”) ended a very long time ago. Don’t believe me? Just remember two words: Terra Nova.

  12. Snapps izking says:

    I don’t like the way NBC does things sometimes, and I’m not
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  13. mherrud@hotmail.com says:

    I am going to have to agree. As a hardcore sci-fi lover NBC takes a huge chance at a hit like Revolution. Revolution should return when people expect it…in January 2013. Ihave predicted the demise of alot of the good shows for this exact problem.

  14. Sarah says:

    Really loved this show..will be disappointed if it gets canceled

  15. Rich Brown says:

    Stop messing with revolution, I can’t wait to see the power on!!

  16. This show is great. It can’t end yet. The ending of the lastt episode was a real suspense maker.

  17. cup of Tea says:

    stop cancelling everything. I’m still mad that V and FlashForwrad are gone. they were excellent shows.

  18. Richard Sievert says:

    If I am ever to get rich I want my maid to be equipped like her to protect not only me but my sons After all they are the masters of the house, and words like mine have not been spoken since the Christ was here! And like him I am ten times worse on the wicked!