Men In Black 3’s It Bike Gets A Poster

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One of the coolest moments in the new Men in Black 3 trailers involves Will Smith racing down city streets in a sort of bizarre, alien motorcycle contraption. Since the MIB franchise has always been as much about all the cool gadgets its agents get to use, I guess it makes sense that the bike would get its own poster…

Great poster but I still can’t shake the weird resemblance this thing has to the “It” bike featured during the Season 5 South Park episode “The Entity”…

It really is almost identical, minus the anal penetration. Surprising they left that part out, actually, given the well-known alien obsession with butt probes.

The Monowheel bike isn’t just the stuff of South Park and MIB fantasy. It really exists. Here’s one in action…

As you can see, while they do exist, they aren’t exactly safe.


  1. Ian Watson says:

    motorunicycles have been around for a long time, one bloke built his with a huge kawasaki lump in his and it got to deadly speeds if you look on Youtube

  2. Brilliant! I completely missed that.

  3. Patrick says:

    Here’s where I’m sure the MIB 3 designers got their inspiration from http://youtu.be/g_Q8rp0nnrE