Meet The International Rescue Team In These Thunderbirds Are Go! Videos

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ITV and Pukeko Pictures are remaking Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s classic sci-fi adventure Thunderbirds, replacing the marionettes with a mixture of practical and digital special effects. Now they’ve released a series of videos introducing the heroes, including the five Tracy brothers and their new pal Kayo.

Wherever disaster strikes, and no one else can help, the team from International Rescue will be there. Departing from their secret base on Tracy Island, the highly trained squad covers the whole world, and beyond. Each one of these videos is a kind of calling card for the core members of the crew, like this first one for Scott Tracy. The clips also give a brief nugget of information about each character, and introduce the various ships that they pilot into action.

In addition to Scott, you meet Virgil Tracy…

…Alan Tracy…

…Gordon Tracy…

…John Tracy…

…and Kayo. Head of security for Tracy Island, she’s the only one without a ship named “Thunderbird Number Blank,” and this video teases all of the secrets she holds close. She is also a new addition to the franchise.

This final video shows off the stunning practical effects that you’ll see in Thunderbirds Are Go. As the camera soars over the sets, it’s hard to believe that you’re looking a miniatures, though when you take into consideration they were constructed by the team at WETA Workshop, the folks behind Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings effects, as well as creature features like Black Sheep and The Host (Bong Joon-ho’s monster flick, not the teen alien drama), it makes more sense.

Thunderbirds Are Go has put together a solid voice cast, including the likes of Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game of Thrones), and original cast member David Graham, who reprises his role as the chauffeur/agent Parker. The show is set to premiere this spring.


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