How The Matrix Remixed Everything To Create One Of The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time

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There are those who will use what I’m about to show you as proof of the Wachowski Brothers creative bankruptcy, but I see it as proof of their genius. The Matrix is more than just a great idea, in fact it’s a bunch of great ideas, mixed together in a completely new way, to create something that’s even better than the sum of its parts. To me that’s kind of glorious, beautiful, a new kind of artwork all its own.

Watch this video and learn how The Matrix remixed some of the greatest ideas of different pop cultures to create something incredible. Free your mind:


  1. Brad_chowen says:

    Many great movies use elements from other good or great films.  This was interesting how many elements were recycled.   No mention of Dark City  from 1998—A film I liked much more that the entire plot of The Matrix is almost identical to???  

    • JT says:

      The thing about Dark City is that the overall theme of the two movies is similar, but not really any of the specifics, making it really hard to compare them in this context.

  2. The best coders and hackers are familiar with the phrase, “Write once, use many times.” The Wachowskis understood this, absolutely. They understood that stitching existing concepts into a new narrative was their creative contribution, taking old religious dogmas and philosophies and weaving it with newer technology into a unique umbrella statement about the importance and relevance of human agency.

    In a larger, meta sense, this post is an acknowledgement that everything humans generate is memetic material, intended to be replicated, perpetuated, dispersed again. That’s the fundamental nature of memes. The Wachowskis are masters at dusting this memetic material off and setting in a new, faster spin.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s a good way of putting it; nothing in the Matrix is stuff we haven’t already seen (or can see in previous works), we’ve just never seen it the way it’s showcased in The Matrix.

  3. [A] says:

    Something The Matrix did not excel at: wire work.