Marvel Lobbies For Permission To Release A 25th Anniversary Howard The Duck Blu-ray

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There’s a lot of things people don’t know about the oft forgotten Howard the Duck. In 1986, George Lucas ushered Howard to the big screen, ripping him from his comic book roots, and thus making him the first Marvel character to get a big screen adaptation. Quite an accolade. Unfortunately the movie bombed and no one thought about it since. Until now.

Marvel bigwig Joe Quesada whipped up this strange yet somewhat endearing plea to Lucas to release the rights so Marvel can move forward with a 25th anniversary edition Howard the Duck blu-ray. Check out the stop motion/After Effects video below.

This isn’t the funniest video, nor is it the best animated or cleverest use of Marvel’s time, but by golly it’s silly and interesting all at the same time. Marvel taking the time to do this says that they still have some love for their old friend Howard and hope to show their long running character a little bit of respect.

Of course characters like The Avengers and Spider-Man and the like will have no problem celebrating their anniversaries, but why should Howard be excluded just because his movie didn’t do so great? Since I was such a young kind when I first saw Howard the Duck I loved it, and despite the fact that it’s such a bad movie, it still holds a place in my heart and Marvel would probably be able to squeeze the $19.95 out of me for this hypothetical blu-ray. Hopefully Lucas releases his death grip on the rights and lets it happen.


  1. gospyro says:

    I’d pay someone $20 NOT to have to watch Howard the Duck again!!! Although I will admit that the monster at the end ‘almost’ would be worth seeing again… almost.

  2. Davy Bible says:

    I was surprised to see this at Wal-Mart on DVD! I didn’t think it would ever make the leap to DVD.

  3. SAW says:

    I LOVED Howard the duck! I saw that flick in the theaters at least 3 times. It’s not for everyone, but there are some one liners in there that I’ll never forget…

    “SPACE RABIES!!!!”
    “It’s not nice to fool with Mr. Galactic Overlord…”

    I’d buy this on Blue-ray in a heartbeat!

  4. bhak1 says:

    Wacky 80s scifi comedies have a place in my heart so I may be a bit biased but I remember thinking it was better than it’s reputation as well.