Mark Wahlberg Says Transformers: Age Of Extinction Will Blow You Away

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video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerTransformers: Age of Extinction, the fourth film in Michael Bay’s highly profitable franchise, is intended as a reboot of sorts. Set in the same universe, and featuring many of the same giant, shape-shifting robots, it also introduces fans to a slew of new characters and storylines. Two new TV spots give you a glimpse at a few of the new additions, and while you may think you know what’s up in this movie, star Mark Wahlberg says you have no idea.

Action is definitely the center of this first trailer from Hit Fix. There’s lots of running and jumping and exploding and transforming going on, often times all in the same shot. That bit where the ship comes crashing down on a street in the middle of a city is an especially nice touch. You also get looks at that Transformer who can apparently break into a bunch of small pieces and reform, and that one fellow with a beard, because robots definitely need beards.

One thing that fans are most excited to see in Age of Extinction is the Dinobots. The long time favorites have featured prominently in the promotion thus far, but most of what we’ve seen involves Autobot leader Optimus Prime riding Grimlock like a fire-breathing robot dragon horse. This video gives you your first look at the triceratops member of the team in action. In the comics and cartoon his name was Slag, though I don’t know if that will hold here.

After the events of Dark of the Moon, where most of Chicago was leveled in a massive robot war, the Transformers have become personas non grata as far as humans are concerned. TV spot number two, from IGN, shows that these two sides will have to come together in order to stand up to an even greater evil. Should be messy.

Too often these days, with a glut of trailers, teasers, posters, comics, smoke signals, and more, by the time you actually sit down in a theaters, you’ve already seen all of the best parts of a movie. Age of Extinction star Mark Wahlberg says that is not the case here. He doesn’t go into any details, but he says that you can “expect to be blown away” and that fans will certainly get their money’s worth. He hints that there is more to the Dinobot story—there’s also some additional new Dinobot footage cut into this interview—but you get the distinct impression that there are details they aren’t unveiling. We’ll have to wait until the movie opens on June 27 to find out what, if anything, they’re keeping under wraps, but you have to appreciate the fact that they’re trying not to give the whole story away ahead of time. We also want to see if a Transformers movie is capable of surprising us at this point.


  1. Charlie Lafferty says:

    This trailer has me excited! Transformers has gotten increasingly too “loud” on screen and literally…but I’m wondering if a lot of that had to do with Shia burn-out by the 3rd one? I’m honestly trying to remember why I was so upset by the 3rd installment, as I really loved the first one and kinda liked the 2nd one. I think the addition of Whalberg, even if all he is doing is his Whalberg thing, is a smart move by the franchise and the story seems to be a nice departure from what we have been sued to seeing with the beloved bots.

    I’ll dig on michael bay as much as the next person, but when he does get a movie right he nails it and it’s a total visual spectacle that ALSO has a cool story, and I’m hoping this installment falls into that category. And yes, the Dinobots, I had almost forgotten about them entirely! Will be fun to see them as well as how they work them into the story so it makes sense within the universe this all takes place in. All my fingers crossed for this.