Mark Hamill Says Star Wars 7 May Have Less Luke, Leia, And Han Than You Thought

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Star WarsOdds are, if you read this site on any kind of regular basis, you’re a Star Wars fan to some degree and are probably excited for the upcoming The Force Awakens, at least a little bit. I sure am going out on a limb, aren’t I? Part of the reason you’re looking forward to this is likely because we know that we’ll get to see some of our returning favorites from the franchise, especially Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo. While we’re stoked to see some familiar faces, we don’t really know how much we’ll be seeing them, and one cast member indicates that it might not be all that much.

As usual, there are possible spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens beyond this point, so tread carefully.

Mark Hamill recently spoke to the Hero Complex, specifically about his role in Kingsman: The Secret Service and appearing as the Trickster on The Flash, but, as tends to do when he talks to anyone, the subject of Star Wars came up. Discussing his role, he said:

I would have been completely okay with it not including us, but I do think having the original cast members there gives it a sense of continuity and scope. But mind you, it’s really about the new generation, it’s not about us.

Looking at this statement it certainly sounds like while they’re all super involved on the surface and that they aren’t going to be the main emphasis. At one point, early on, we heard reports that Han’s part was big enough that some considered him a “co-lead,” but since then that talk has quieted down some and I don’t think many of us expected them to be in every scene.

We’re going to get way more potentially spoiler heavy now, so do what you must.

From what we’ve heard recently, the focus definitely sounds like it is more on the new kids rather than the older generation. The other day there were a bunch of rumors about where Luke is and his appearance in The Force Awakens. It basically said that he’s in hiding, guarding something sinister, trying to keep it out of evil hands. If he’s in hiding, he probably doesn’t figure too prominently in the foreground action.

We also heard that Daisy Ridley’s character, Rey, is on a similar quest to prevent nefarious forces from getting their hands on a destructive power, and that her dad doesn’t like her being involved. Oh yeah, her dad is apparently none other than Han Solo. From this report, it appears that the younger members of the Solo clan will be more involved in the core story, though Han will likely pop up from time to time.

And for Leia, yet another report (Disney’s war on leaks is obviously doing a bang up job) indicates that the Hutts may appear in The Force Awakens and that, as a powerful politician, she could meet with this delegation. Like Luke and Han, that doesn’t make it sound like she’s a huge part of plot.

The closer we get to the December 18 release date, the more it appears like the returning stars serve more as a connective tissue linking Star Wars: The Force Awakens to the original trilogy rather than as the primary players. As usual, we’ll have to wait and see exactly how everything comes together, but I suspect most of us will be okay with that as long as they tell a good story and the new characters are worth our time. At this point I think most of us primarily just want to see a good movie.


  1. Einlanzer says:

    i’d be disappointed if they were heavily involved in this film. they are old now and their stories are complete. i never expected any of them to do much in the film, so this is welcome news if true.

  2. commandZee says:

    They’re gonna have to kill Luke to get some decent force ghost action for the following two films. I don’t think anyone wants to see Hayden Christensen make any cameos anyway. LOL, imagine Luke and Anakin whining at each other at some secluded Sith tomb somewhere deep in the galaxy. Seriously though, Luke dying in a duel with the new would-be bad guy as he protects an empowering artifact makes sense in the tradition of Star Wars (all be it repetitive) and as a dramatic device it will elevate the new Sith’s villainy enough to propel the story forward into two additional films. The big question is, did Luke rebuild a new Jedi Order before leaving to guard the artifact or did he just bounce and become a hermit for some reason? Another is did Leia develop any ability to use the force too, as eluded to in the original trilogy? Although possible even as a politican, it doesn’t sound likely. The idea of the present Carrie Fisher wielding a lightsaber in action sequences doesn’t conjure appealing imagery for most viewers and probably didn’t either with the current filmmakers. Also with the news that she and Han had “children”, it looks like the filmmakers did choose to adapted some Expanded Universe material which may mean that– well, I’ll let google help those not in the know jump to this spoilery conclusion.

  3. Evan Fowler says:

    I don’t know about this. While I agree that they’re too old to be the main focus of the film, people are going to feel pretty cheated if they’re reintroduced to these incredibly beloved characters only as a sidenote or in passing. We’ve missed these characters and what to know what they’ve been up to. We definitely would like to spend some more time with them. Yanking them away right as we get them back is just cruel.

  4. Poopdeck says:

    Hollywood has brainwashed the Simpler People into being dimwitted ageists. Why does the age of the actors/characters have to dictate how much screen time they get? It’s so Hollywood and so Trash Culture that we automatically want to highlight “the next generation” when the originals are still with us. It happens in other movies, too. It also happens in news and TV shows. So fncking stupid!

    A story involving Han, Leia, and Luke as the central characters would be great. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just a person who has given up any original thought and attached his opinions to Hollywood Zeitgeist of the Dumb.