The Man Of Steel Trailer + John Williams Music = Goosebumps

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Christopher Reeve will always be my Superman. Maybe it’s because I was watched that movie a thousand times growing up, and it won a space in my heart when I was old enough to know that it was just a movie…but still young enough to believe, just a little, that a man really could fly. And while Donner’s Superman has its failings, the stuff it got right, it got really right. Marlon Brando’s speech to Kal-El, backed by John Williams’ perfect, iconic score, will give me chills and choke me up within mere seconds. This was an iconography, an act of legend-building, that still brings me right back to six years old, sitting on my living room floor and watching with wonder as a strange visitor from another world took flight and saved the day. I remember actually feeling tears fill my eyes when Christopher Reeve appeared on Smallville and they subtly worked in Williams’ score. It was magical.

So what would happen if you replaced the soundtrack for the Man of Steel trailer with Brando’s Jor-El speech to his infant son, and with John Williams’ score? The word is “goosebumps.”


  1. Haus says:

    When “Superman Returns” came out, I was absolutely overjoyed that they used the ‘correct’ music for Superman. I had my doubts that they would use the iconic John Williams score for “Man of Steel”, but here it is in a teaser trailer. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll use it in the movie someway, somehow. I really hope so.

    The Superman theme is so good and so iconic. I can’t remember one note of the theme to Spiderman, Iron Man, Avengers or any Batman movie. But every time I hear the Superman theme, my heart swells and I believe that a man can fly.

  2. you did it!! it gave me goose bump!! I too enjoy the first superman with Reeves and also im a fan of Smallville

  3. umm. Contrails? Contrails are caused by condensation on the hot engines of a jet. Why would Superman have contrails? Real nerds are gonna have a field day with this film it seems. One more failed Superman flick.

    • Freethinkingzen says:

      Wow…first, not contrails, Prandtl-Glauert vapor cone. Second it’s comic not sci-fi. Try explaining a flying man and your problem is vapor? Take your shitty 101 physics and shut the fuck up.

    • Ron Lund says:

      that cone was him breaking the sound barrier…and contrails are made from high/low pressure causing moisture to form at high altitudes not the “hot engins” lmao….

      • But if you push a humanoid body wearing a cape through the air, you’re going to generate way too much turbulence to create a contrail based purely on the pressure changes, much less two teeny ones separated by just a couple of feet. If you share my opinion, please check out https://www.facebook.com/SupermanDoesNotLeaveContrails and make your feelings known.

        • David T says:

          guys, it’s all about the cape. Everyone knows that a cape makes people more aerodynamic. DUH!! Of course, it does show it coming from his feet, so maybe he has some super aerodynamic boots or something.

  4. Zaigham Zulqernain says:

    Just wanted to give credit where credit is due…
    the dude who created this trailer is Julian Adderly..
    all info is below:


  5. Baldy says:

    Goosebumps? Yup. Got ’em too! 🙂

  6. Eric says:

    Brando as Jorel & that majestic John Williams music are so great that they make even this lackluster first look at Man of Steel look, well…SUPER! Now what were your problems with “Superman:The Movie”? That’s virtual blasphemy as it’s STILL the greatest superhero movie ever made!

  7. Sean Frost says:

    its a Howard shore Shore piece not John Williams

  8. Tom says:


  9. A nice thought, but to be honest, the actual music for this trailer did give me goosebumps. But I guess maybe I’m not as nostalgic, I actually like alot of new things.

  10. Braniac says:

    Here’s a version of all the trailers combined and recut with the epic John Williams theme. http://youtu.be/ZuGyUBJpg-U