Lost Return Of The Jedi Footage Leaked: Luke Builds His Lightsaber

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Celebration V is happening today and George Lucas used the gathering of Star Wars fans to announce the impending release of Star Wars on Blu-ray. All six movies will be released in high-def, all at once, in fall of 2011.

But more importantly the new Blu-ray box set will contain never before seen, lost footage from the original Star Wars trilogy. During the event Lucas showed off one of the moments they’ll include, a scene in which Luke Skywalker constructs his own lightsaber before going off to save Han Solo at Jabba’s palace.

If you’re quick, you won’t have to wait for the DVD to see it. The entire scene has leaked online, and it’s every bit as cool as you’d expect. Here it is, watch it while it lasts:

UPDATE! It seems the entire thing may be a fraud. Details here.


  1. Danner says:

    oh George. Out for the fanboys hard earned pocket money again? haha fool them once,shame on them, fool them twice ,shame on them, fool them thirteen times and running? What a bunch of easily fooled twits…… also? its not so much Luke building the thing is it? He uses a screwdriver to tighten the thing a bit. Did he really not make a sabre until just before he sent the droids to jabbas palace? I thought a year or so passed between Empire and Jedi? he could have gone to see joda 15 times or so? Did the sabre take that long to build? Joda could have helped him maybe? He never tried to call Obi-Wan during that time? Ask about Vader and such? The more you think of the time.line the more it turns to shit. Also H.Ford wanted Han-Solo to die in Empire strikes back,so I wont comment on the other “story” about him being supposed to die in Jedi. At one point he was supposed to be a lizard. Glad george didnĀ“t have the cash to make that work,or he would have been a Greedo lookalike im sure. Fuck you Lucas….

  2. Rob says:

    Why couldn't he have just included this stuff on the ROTJ dvd years ago? I'm not buying this again…