Leonard Nimoy Out Of Retirement For A Big Bang Theory Episode

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Last year Leonard Nimoy announced a total retirement from public life. He attended his last ever Star Trek convention in October and swore off acting of any kind. But I guess even an 80-year-old Nimoy eventually gets tired of sitting home taking photos of large naked women and wants to get out of the house. So he’s taking a break from his retirement to do network television.

Nimoy is set to appear on an upcoming episode of CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. He’ll speak to Sheldon as Spock in a dream sequence. According to TV Line Nimoy will only be heard and not seen. Sheldon is, of course, obsessed with Spock because the show mostly mines a lot of easy geek stereotypes and outside of living in your mom’s basement, that is basically the most obvious geek stereotype there is. Sorry Big Bang Theory fans, but it’s kind of true.

Personally if he’s going to go through all the trouble to come out of retirement, I’d rather him show up on Community. Unlike Big Bang Theory that show actually needs the ratings help and also unlike Big Bang, Community is more of an ongoing geek celebration than blatant nerd mockery. I guess we’ll have to settle for the more obvious route.


  1. In the words of Stefan Kendal Gordy:
    Stop; Hatin’s bad.

  2. First Class Freak says:

    I really want to see him on Community! That’s a great idea!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You just had to put up the link to Nimoy’s “Full Body Experience” didn’t you. And I couldn’t help but look. 

    • I dunno, I liked the photos. To each its own, I guess. I supposed if they were anorexics with no ass and enough boobs to float through the pacific ocean, it would be A-Okay!

  4. Wandus Allen says:

    “I like big butts and I can not lie…”