Lego Serenity Model Is 135 Pounds And Seven Feet Long

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People build some crazy crap when left alone in a room with a bunch of Legos. Recreations of Escher paintings, scale models of jet engines, you name it. If it’s a three-dimensional object, somebody somewhere has probably already built it out of Legos (Lego’s five-dimensional blocks are still in the testing phase). But some Lego-maniacs are more committed than others, and a fellow named Adrian Drake has taken the old adage “go big or go home” to heart, spending 475 hours to create a seven-foot-long, 135-pound replica of Firefly‘s Serenity. Just look at that sucker.


The impressiveness isn’t just skin deep — hull deep? — either. He also built miniature versions of the ship’s various rooms. It even includes functional/moveable parts such as the light-up cargo bay and Inara’s detachable shuttle. At this point the damn thing may even be space-worthy. Using a set of Serenity blueprints as a starting point, Drake spent over 21 months and around 70,000 bricks to complete the project. Clearly this is a dude who finishes what he starts.

He’s a leaf on the wind.

Insert “I’d like to dock with Inara” joke here.

You can check out the full set of pictures over at Adrian’s Flickr page.


  1. George Webb says:

    Can’t we have one little thing without a damn Star Wars reference?